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Bharatbook added a new report on "High voltage power electronics market and technology trends" which gives Financial & strategic investors in Power Electronics Market.

Online PR News – 22-April-2010 – – High voltage power electronics market and technology trends

More importantly, power devices for application markets >1.7kV like wind power converters, electricity transportation and distribution (T&D), rail traction and ship & vessel propulsion correspond to high added-value businesses. It is sure that their total 2010 expected market size of $405 million (including power devices and power modules) is small compared to lower voltage markets, but they remain very dynamic and offer the potential of high margins. ( http://www.bharatbook.com/detail.asp?id=134461&rt=High-voltage-power-electronics-market-and-technology-trends.html )

These market developments are primarily driven by energy saving considerations and green technology developments. They are actively supported – e.g. electricity T&D – by several governments and leading companies are working to improve their technology. As such, IGBTs, thyristors (GTOs and IGCTs) and diodes will get access to more and more technological improvements like transition to 8’’ wafer platforms and use of silicon carbide (SiC) materials among others. However, the long time period of order contracts, the low volume production they imply and the issues to increase voltage to use SiC-based components induce quite light competition between the well-established players of those markets.

Report Highlights

Power electronics represent a daily challenge in several systems today (photovoltaic inverters, hybrid electric and electric vehicles, cameras, white goods,…) from a market point of view, but also from a technology development aspect.

Plenty of companies are pushing R&D efforts hard in order to provide the most cost-effective, efficient and reliable materials, devices and systems. And some more “hidden” applications, like the over-1.7kV segment described in this report benefit from those efforts.
The 4 following segments have been investigated in this report:
- Wind turbine converters,
- Electricity T&D,
- Rail traction,
- Ships and vessels.

Due to diversified utilization, low interest in pushing marketing efforts and flatness of market revenue evolution, we have not described industrial motor drive and UPS markets.

With deep understanding of these application markets, provides a detailed analysis for each of them on:
- The technical developments provided by the leading companies
- The architectures of inverter units
- Market data of macro market: wind turbine installed base, shipments of vessels and trains, and number of existing power installations for electricity T&D
- Market metrics of related power devices and modules: IGBTs, thyristors and diodes
- Market estimation of silicon wafers and SiC substrates penetration
- Deep understanding of the value chains
- Market shares of leading companies

Who should buy the report?

· Power device manufacturers
· Power module manufacturers
· Material and substrates makers
· Electricity suppliers and distributors
· System integrators
· Companies willing to enlarge business on low volume markets
· Financial & strategic investors
· R&D centers

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