Take Charge And Fire Up Your Coaching Business With A Free 10-Day Telesummit Starting January 21
17 January 2013
Beginning January 21, entrepreneurs in the coaching and mentoring industry will have access to some of the top minds in the field at "Fire Up Your Business - Telesummit for Coaches," all at no cost. This free access is provided courtesy of Tracey Webber's Life Beyond Your Beliefs program. The 10-day telesummit is aimed at the coach and small business entrepreneur who want to grow, expand and build his or her business. Topics covered include: • Mastering the three "C's" to build a strong business: Credibility, Confidence and Clients • How to stop chasing clients and start landing contracts with companies • What you need to understand to protect your business legally • How and when to build a team to support your coaching business • How you can show credibility and confidence to attract clients without feeling like a sales person • How to use video marketing to build your list and your business • What is Social PR and why you need to understand it to grow your business • How your mindset is getting in the way of creating your money miracles • How to manage your money (size doesn’t matter) so your business is supported and grows • Create newsletters and articles to generate income "This telesummit is a must if you want to fire up your coaching business in 2013. We've assembled some of the top mentors in the coaching industry who are going to be sharing simple steps that will get you big results. Some of them have even thrown in a few special limited time offers available only to telesummit participants. This is a chance for coaches and entrepreneurs to help themselves and their business," explained Tracey Webber, CEO of Tracey Webber Life Beyond Your Beliefs (http://lifebeyondyourbeliefs.com/home/). Speakers include: David Neagle - The Million Dollar Mentor - The Miracle of Money – Know your enemy and understand how your mindset is preventing you from having your money miracles. Rjon Robins - Founder of How To Run A Small Law Manage A Small Law Firm - Legal Essentials - What you need to understand to protect your business legally. Angelique Rewers - CEO of The Corporate Agent - The Corporate Agent - “Play Bigger! How to Get Lucrative Corporate Clients for Your Health Coaching Business So You Can Multiply Your Revenue… and Have a Bigger Impact in the World.” Tina Forsyth - Systems, Outsourcing Expert and Author - Building Team - How, when, and where to find the right resources for your business. Tracey Webber - Business Strategist, Speaker, and Personal Butt Kicker - How you can show credibility and confidence to attract clients without feeling and acting like a sales person. Kathy Sciere - Video Marketing Mentor to heart-centered entrepreneurs. Kyra Fischbeck - The Business of Abundance - Make Money Give You What You Want: 5 Secrets to Financial Freedom Wendy Simard - Sprouted Content: Done-For-You Articles for Your Holistic Health Practice - Your Newsletter As Your Money-Maker - How to Create an Ezine that Gets Opened and Gets You Paying Clients Donna Cravotta - Social Sage PR – How to creatively use social media and public relations to connect with your target market, amplify your voice, and grow your visibility online. "One of the best things about the telesummit is that it's available 24/7 for all of those 10 days. Participants don't have to dial in or log in at a certain time in order to receive the information. All of the seminars are pre-recorded and available starting January 21. Everyone is free to listen as often as they need to during this time," explained Webber. Register for the telesummit online at http://lifebeyondyourbeliefs.com/fire-up-your-business-telesummit-for-coaches/ and receive access to all of the recordings on January 21, 2013.