Nashville Entrepreneurs Launch Healthy Vending Business

Nashville-based parents, Suzanne and John McMillan, have launched a HUMAN Healthy Vending business to provide convenient access to nutritious snacks. Six local YMCAs and University School of Nashville have already placed machines at their locations.

Online PR News – 17-January-2013 – Nashville, TN – Nashville residents John and Suzanne McMillan, a husband and wife duo with five young children, have partnered with HUMAN Healthy Vending – the nation’s leading franchisor of healthy vending businesses – to ensure that their community has convenient access to healthful foods and beverages. Healthy Vending in Nashville is now a reality thanks to the McMillans who have placed HUMAN healthy vending machines at six local YMCAs and at University School of Nashville.

"We felt strongly that we wanted to start a business that we could be proud of and that could impact our community and our society, and certainly our kids, by giving them healthier options,” said Suzanne McMillan.

The McMillans’ healthy vending machines provide healthful alternatives to what is found in standard junk-food vending machines, including wholesome snacks like fresh fruit and vegetables, salads, and even locally-sourced snack bars from Monkey Bars.

"She’s doing so much more than offering a vending opportunity; she’s actually promoting a transition and healthy lifestyles for so many families that are in this community," said David Fish, Program director of Bellevue YMCA where the McMillans have a healthy vending machine.

At a time when the nation is experiencing a healthcare crisis and rising rates of chronic and, largely preventable, diseases, the McMillans are proud to be a part of the solution.

She’s doing so much more than offering a vending opportunity she’s actually promoting a transition and healthy lifestyles for so many families that are in this community

Background on the McMillans

- The McMillans met while undergrads at Vanderbilt University and bonded over their love for an active lifestyle.
- Suzanne has been a fitness instructor/personal trainer for 20 years, working mostly for the YMCA, but also for private gyms, corporate fitness facilities and university recreation centers.
- Suzanne began a small home-based catering company, and eventually continued her cooking career in local restaurants that focused on regional cuisine and locally-sourced foods.
- John owns a local construction company. He is a longtime coach in local recreational sports leagues, coaching countless kids in baseball, football, and soccer.

The McMillans’ long-term goal is to encourage and foster a sense of community centered on the local food economy.

"We would like to build a community-driven, sustainable, free culinary school/restaurant. We believe that we can draw on our experiences in the construction, design, culinary, and healthy vending fields to create a place where people from all walks of life can come to learn how to prepare healthy, delicious meals for their families, learn how to work in a commercial kitchen, or how to grow their own food," said Suzanne.

The McMillans plan on bringing together local farmers, chefs, and other non-profit organizations to assist in the effort. For now, healthy vending is the first stepping-stone on the path to making healthful living easy and accessible in Nashville.

Interviews, Photos & Video Opportunities

The McMillans are available for phone and video interviews and can coordinate interviews with owners and/or management at their local YMCAs. Photos, as well as video footage, of HUMAN Healthy Vending machines are immediately available upon request. The McMillans may be reached at

Those interested in owning their own HUMAN Healthy Vending franchise, or in having a HUMAN Healthy Vending machine at their location, may reach out to

About HUMAN Healthy Vending

HUMAN (Helping Unite Mankind and Nutrition) Healthy Vending’s mission is to make healthy food more convenient than junk food. HUMAN accomplishes this by placing high-tech and eco-friendly vending machines that only vend better-for-you foods and drinks, including fresh produce and locally-sourced foods, in schools, hospitals, gyms and corporate locations across the world. In addition to providing healthful food options, HUMAN machines provide nutrition education via high-definition LCD screens that display streaming videos and other digital content. HUMAN currently has nearly 1500 machines placed across the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

HUMAN Healthy Vending has been ranked by Entrepreneur as one of its “Top 100 Brilliant Companies" and by Forbes as one of “America’s Most Promising Companies.” HUMAN is a Certified B Corporation.

HUMAN is proud to use 10% of its proceeds to fund its non-profit charity arm, HUMAN Everywhere. HUMAN Everywhere’s mission is to leverage the power of social entrepreneurship to improve the nation’s collective health by increasing access to nutrition education and healthful foods while advocating for public policy that contributes to these goals.

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