Introduces New Line of Personalized Custom Candy Jars

To add to their already magnificent line of printed candy jars, is now introducing a new line of personalized custom candy jars.

Online PR News – 15-July-2009 – – Miami, FL ( Onlineprnews ) July 14, 2009—To add to their already magnificent line of printed candy jars, is now introducing a new line of personalized custom candy jars. These imported candy jars are made out of glass and come in a variety of sizes. The lids come in various colors, such as silver, red, blue, and yellow. You can color coordinate the lids to match your kitchen or office. ( offers these personalized custom printed candy jars as promotional products. Customers can purchase the imprinted candy jars and have their logos, company information, slogan, or whatever they want printed on the side of the jars. These beautiful candy jars also make nice wedding favor gifts.

These custom printed candy jars can be filled with, of course, with candy, but also chocolate, caramels, nuts, spices, honey, coins, or just about anything you can imagine. When used as wedding favors, candy coated almonds are an excellent choice to put inside the jars. Top it off with a pretty ribbon tied around the lid and your wedding favors are a hit.

These imported glass candy jars are inexpensive, but are high in quality. Business owners find them highly effective as promotional products because purchasing them doesn't eat into their advertising budget and customers love them. People will gladly take the free jars to their homes or offices, giving business owners more advertising power. When used in offices, these jars get filled and refilled because people love it when other people visit them in their office and the candy jars are a nice invitation for that. In the office, people will go to the person with the candy jar, have some candy, and strike up a conversation. They may even talk about where they got the custom printed candy jar from. If that happens, your advertising dollars are really at work. You can expect that nothing but good can come out of giving away these glass candy jars.

These imported candy jars are a phenomenal find. Their glass is crystal clear and perfect for imprinting logos and the like. The lids are sturdy and stay on tight, without releasing the freshness that is needed to preserve what is inside. ( is proud to offer this new line of personalized custom candy jars. There's never been a better time to take advantage of the discounts and promotional value of them. Now that these brand new, personalized candy jars are available business owners should take advantage of all that they can offer—better advertising at cheap prices. Wedding parties should also take advantage of the cheap prices.

Lastly, suggests using these custom printed candy jars during the holidays. Halloween, Christmas, and Easter are great times to use these personalized candy jars. Business owners can give them away as a means to say “thank you” to their customers during these times of the year. Decorating the jars with holiday-matching colors adds to the affect.

These imprinted candy jars ( are a surefire way to get noticed. Whether you are a business owner or need the jars for your wedding, they will certainly do the trick. People will love them and will not look at them as cheap tokens—they will look at them as exceptional gifts.

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