Well-Known Online Site, Tattoo Designs, Announces New Star Tattoo Page

Popular tattoo site launches their new star tattoo page with pictures and a complete description of the meaning behind star tattoos.

Online PR News – 15-July-2009 – – MAPLE VALLEY, WA – From the American flag to the daily horoscopes, stars have been able to hold different meanings to different people. Tattoo Designs has just launched its ultra-informative star tattoo page. For site visitors looking
for pictures and meanings of star tattoo designs, this site delivers. Their multi-cultural categories feature information and design ideas that suit anyone’s background, heritage, or religious affiliation. This kind of detailed information is especially helpful for people looking for a star design to adorn their bodies. A star can hold multiple meanings, so those who wish to get a star tattoo can use this informational Web site to more-carefully choose which star should become a permanent part of them.

The star can be a symbol of patriotism, as in the case of the American flag as well as so many other countries that hold this symbol dear. Patriotic star tattoos are most common in servicemen, or those who served in the Armed Forces. In older adults who have fought in a war, one might see an American Flag with stars encircling it to represent being enveloped in patriotism. For others, the star is a symbol of accomplishment or brilliance, as in a shining star. Bright and colorful starburst patterns are especially popular, according to the Tattoo Designs Web site.

Another use for the star tattoo is in the nautical world. The nautical star, today we perceive this as a compass design, has long been used by seamen aboard ships as a symbol of oneness and commonality with each other. Star tattoos have long symbolized religious beliefs as well. For the Wiccan religion, a 5-pointed star, or pentagram, represents belonging to this religious affiliation. They use this symbol because they believe that they are closely in harmony with the stars and the Earth. Another religion that uses a star for their symbol is Judaism. The Star of David is a symbol garnered from the Israeli flag that helps define this religion.

On the Tattoo Designs Web site, several pictures are available of examples of star tattoos. Although the star tattoos chosen by the individuals in the pictures look almost cryptic, that is part of the allure of having a star tattoo. They can spark conversation with people and allow the person to explain their tattoo and its meaning. This is a further indicator of just how personal and different each type of star tattoo can be.

No matter which star tattoo design is chosen, the Tattoo Designs web site contains detailed information and some great pictures of real tattoos. Stars can represent many different things to many different people. Large or small, these tattoos really say something about the person they adorn. Though others may not know what their tattoo means, it can bring about conversations and questions and allow the person with the tattoo a chance to share their story.

Tattoo Designs can be reached at P.O. Box 1129, Maple Valley, WA 98038.