Popular Online Site, Tattoo Designs, Announces New Cross Tattoo Gallery

One of the most visited tattoo sites on the Web has just launched their new cross tattoo page with a complete gallery of different cross designs.

Online PR News – 15-July-2009 – – MAPLE VALLEY, WA – More than just a cool place to visit on the Internet, popular site Tattoo Designs has just released its Highly anticipated cross design page. For visitors of the site looking to get a cross tattoo design, this is the perfect place to come. Their crystal-clear gallery features designs from all faiths, backgrounds, and cultures. This is especially important to people looking for the perfect cross design to ink on their bodies. A cross is a deeply personal design and this page helps define that meaning even more.

The cross is a symbol of faith for most people, although for some it is simply a symbol of strength. The gallery featured on Tattoo Designs gives plenty of pictures of crosses from many different backgrounds. The Celtic cross, for example, can represent the fight of the Celtic people and can be a symbol of someone’s heritage. Others tattoo a cross on their bodies to show their religious beliefs. The Catholic faith, for example, has a very Roman-styled cross and has an ancient and old-world feel. Many Hispanic clients choose to add a rosary tattoo around their cross, according to a consensus published by fellow tattoo artists on the Internet.

Cross tattoos most commonly represent the Christian faith and the death of Jesus Christ. This tattoo design is well-loved by all who place their faith in Him. For others, the cross can simply represent a period of time such as the medieval times when Knights and Castles were the dominating figures in these centuries. A gothic cross, for example, is one tattoo design that has become a popular part of our cultural and social fabric. Therefore, some find that living in this darker lifestyle, which includes certain musical tastes and clothing choices, can be a bold statement of their connection to the gothic culture.

A cross gallery is something very valuable to a potential tattoo recipient because seeing pictures helps someone decide what design they like best. According to the Tattoo Designs Web site, galleries usually charge for just 1 picture of a tattoo, but they have sponsors that offer thousands of downloads for one small fee. This can save someone the regret of getting a tattoo that wasn’t exactly what they wanted. These galleries offer each of the tattoo designs in color, and as they appear on someone’s actual arm. These are 2 invaluable methods for evaluating the best design to choose.

No matter which cross tattoo design is selected, Tattoo Designs has a gallery that will provide detailed and real pictures of tattoos to choose from. Some sponsors of this site offer thousands of gallery downloads for one low fee which makes selecting a cross tattoo even easier. With a cross being such a symbol of faith and belief, choosing the right permanent tattoo has never been easier. This gallery has it all; from Celtic and Christian to gothic and medieval, gallery visitors are treated to every kind of cross tattoo.

Tattoo Designs can be reached at P.O. Box 1129, Maple Valley, WA 98038.