LB Roofing “Unhouses” Its New Website

Atlanta area commercial roofing and general contracting company unleashes its new web page.

Online PR News – 22-April-2010 – – LB Roofing “Unhouses” Its New Website
Chelsea Wortham

The staff of LB Roofing is up and ready to assist its clientele with any housing damage in and around the Atlanta area, and so is its new web page! LB roofing, with the help of Mette Media, has transformed its website into a great source guide for all residential roofing, commercial roofing, and general contracting needs.

Better Business Bureau accredited LB roofing’s work is a guaranteed success for your Metro Atlanta roofing needs, whether it be home or business. At the new website,( residential renovation seekers will be able to get all their roofing inquiries answered. It also offers on-site customer reviews from “Kudzu,” inviting customers into their success regimen by providing “9 Reasons why you should choose LB roofing” which includes their high quality materials, attention to aesthetics, and special attention to leak areas.

On the newly “unhoused” web site customers will find important tips on housing elements like design and insulation. The websites also offers local Atlanta roofing customers the opportunity to schedule a free roofing analysis and also a free quote all by the mere click of a mouse while online. Providing excellent customer service by guaranteeing a callback within 24 hours of receiving a request and blocking out a prearranged time to meet with its clients instead of requiring you to block out a “window” time

Through the website consumers will be able to see LB roofing’s array of services, not limited to all types of roofing, but also includes any general contracting work from painting to water proofing; and in addition, commercial building work like Hydro-Stop and secondary drain system.
LB Roofing knows that the roof is the single most important part to the home, providing protection and beauty. its dedicated employees get reviews like “An excellent job. A thoroughly professional operation from start to finish. Highly recommended. The roofing crew is amazing.” Through their numerous amounts of finished products around the Atlanta area, LB roofing has earned its great reputation that Pound for Pound its customers will get the Best Roof in Town!