Robomow Launch Their Latest Lawnmower, The 'Robomow City 110', Available At All Belgian Makro Stores

Leading manufacturer of automatic lawnmowers, Robomow, launches its latest mower, the 'Robomow City 110', in all Makro stores around Belgium.

Online PR News – 22-April-2010 – – Following their great success at the 'Foire de Paris' Exhibition last year, Robomow have launched their latest technological masterpiece, the 'Robomow City 110' mower, available exclusively at all Makro stores in Belgium.

Hundreds of 'Robomow City 110' units were sold in all six Makro stores throughout Belgium during the first two weeks of its launch and they continue to prove a popular solution for busy garden owners worldwide who do not have time to tend to their own lawn. Much care and attention has been dedicated to the way the products are presented in store, with practical demos set up by Robomow lawnmower experts, commercial videos and useful information brochures.

Its slogan "It mows. You don’t!" is perfectly suited to the model since that is exactly what it does. Robomow is a leading provider of robotic lawnmowers capable of mowing any-sized lawn automatically, while its owner relaxes and spends their valued time doing something far more worthwhile. Indeed Robomow have the testimonials to prove it. One incredibly satisfied purchaser of a Robomow mower claims that they were "amazed by the advantages it has to offer, silent efficient cutting, not having to worry if the grass isn't bone dry, coping well with quite a slope, bouncing off tree trunks and above all, my being able to press on with other jobs. A cup of tea in the garden on a sunny day while someone else does the work is most satisfying!"

With ingenious technology and new grass-cycling techniques, this fully automatic and eco-friendly lawnmower is incredibly easy to use and wastes less energy than any other conventional lawnmower. Its grass-cycling techniques not only eliminate the chore of manually collecting and removing the grass clippings, but also result in a healthier and better-looking lawn that will undoubtedly be envied by all neighbours.

The innovative 'Robomow City 110' mower comes fully equipped and consists of an automated mowing system, a charging station, a battery and a perimeter wire for the outer edge of the lawn. This unique product is particularly ideal for lawns up to 400m² and is programmed to withstand severe weather conditions and UV radiation.

Following the great success of the 'Robomow City 110' mower launch in Belgian Makro stores, Robomow will also be launching this ingenious masterpiece in all Hornbach stores in Germany and Luxembourg starting from April.

About Robomow:

Founded in 1995, Robomow is a leading international provider of easy to use, eco-friendly, robotic mowers. Following their success at the 'Foire de Paris' Exhibition, Robomow proceeded to concentrate on designing innovative, mowing masterpieces, that offer cost-effective, automatic mowing solutions for almost any domestic garden. For more information about Robomow, visit