New App Helps Couples Reach Good Financial Health for the New Year

Money and Marriage Expert announces release of the new app, Money and Marriage over a Meal.

Online PR News – 16-January-2013 – Denver, CO – It’s that time of year that we all are excited and gung-ho over our New Year’s resolutions. While many may vow to take better care of their health or to lose weight, many more will focus on getting their finances in order. While effectively communicating about finances is crucial to any marriage, many couples fall short. It seems as if finances are the big pink elephant in the room, as many couples would much rather chat about trivialities than bring up this daunting subject. It’s no secret that financial difficulties are the number one cause of marriage troubles and divorce. Rather than going down that dark road, couples should begin the new year with communication that’s clear. Now, there’s an app to help couples do just that! Dr. Taffy Wagner introduces her new app money and marriage over a Meal.

The first of its kind, Money and Marriage over a meal is a twelve month date night app that focuses on money for married couples. However, couples don’t have to worry about spending a bunch of money to get help discussing finances, since this app is available for download completely free of charge. Each month, the app provides for the couple a meal suggestion along with a topic to discuss regarding their finances. This is to inspire the couple to spend quality time, while discussing some important issues pertaining to their livelihood over an economical meal.

The following is an example of the meals and topics of discussion:
Month 1: Meal Type: Finger Food - Husband and wife prepare two of their favorite finger foods.
Topic: Where are we today with our finances? What’s our budget? Just discuss Income, Expenses and what remains. This way both parties are aware of the marital finances today.

This app can be downloaded completely free of charge by visiting

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Dr. Taffy Wagner is a Certified Educator in Personal Finances, Certified Credit Report Reviewer, Money and Marriage Advocate/Expert, Benefits Specialist and best selling Author. She is the CEO of Money Talk Matters, LLC which helps couples overcome financial difficulties and not only survive, but thrive even in our hard hit economy. Learn more about Dr. Wagner and her tools at Money and Marriage 365 by visiting her site at


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