Creating an Eco-Internet

Green Groups Launch Global Debate on New Eco Domain

Online PR News – 22-April-2010 – – WASHINGTON DC, April 20, 2010 – Over thirty green groups and leaders from around the world have launched a debate on the rules for a new ‘Eco-Internet’ and have released an open letter calling on anyone with an interest to join in at

“We want to know what you think it means to be ‘eco’ and Earth Week is the perfect time to have your say.” Said Jacob Malthouse, Co-founder of Big Room Inc., the company supporting the debate. “Dot eco domain names are coming and soon every email and website that ends in ‘eco’ will send a powerful signal that its owner is in some way eco-friendly.”

ICANN – The group responsible for domain endings like .com and .org, will soon allow anyone to apply for new endings – including .eco. Big Room launched a drive to create .eco last June. Since then, their effort has gained global grass roots support. They hope that debate about .eco will translate into agreement on the rules for the domain, rules they have to submit to ICANN when they apply for .eco less than a year from now.

“The rules for dot eco - who can buy names, how proceeds are used, and what it stands for, must be designed for the long-term benefit of people and the planet.” Said George Varughese, President of the New Delhi based think-tank Development Alternatives.

“We've put together an independent council along with a panel of advisors and partners representing more than thirty organisations and leaders working in the environmental, sustainability and human rights sectors, backed up by a group of experts to provide technical and policy advice.“ Said Martin Atkin, Council Chair and Director of Media for WWF. “We'd welcome input from anyone who cares about using the power of the web to do good.”

About the Dot Eco Stakeholder Council
Participants were invited to the Council by the Canadian company Big Room Inc. as part of the development of their dot eco application to ICANN. Big Room is assembling a global team to understand how best to run dot eco.

Participating does not require endorsement of Big Room’s application, nor does it result in any economic gain or financial compensation to Council participants. The individuals participating in the stakeholder council are not necessarily representing their organisations, are free to resign the Council at any time, and are able participate in the development of any other top-level domain.


1. Martin Atkin (Council Chairperson), Director of Media
WWF International, Switzerland

2. Scot Case, Vice President
Terrachoice, United States

3. Jonathan Cohen, Director, Workplace Programs
Responsible Purchasing Network, United States

4. Adam Koniuszewski, Chief Operating Officer
Green Cross International, Switzerland

5. Michael Hammer, Executive Director
One World Trust, United Kingdom

6. Dr. Julie Gorte, Senior Vice President, Sustainable Investing
Pax World Funds, United States

7. Calvin Jang, Information Technology Manager
The David Suzuki Foundation, Canada

8. Patrick Mallet, Credibility Director
ISEAL Alliance, United Kingdom

9. Helio Mattar, President
Akatu Institute, Brazil

10. Peter Ndunda, GIS Specialist
The Green Belt Movement, Kenya

11. George Varughese, President
Development Alternatives, India

12. Dan Viederman, Executive Director
Verité, United States

13. Beth Wallace, Vice President of Digital Marketing
Conservation International, United States