Increased Concern About Marriage Breakdown Picked up as a Theme in a New Romance Novel

In a recent poll of 1,700 adults in the UK by the Centre for Social Justice, 60% agreed that marriage is now less important and this is a "bad thing" for Britain. This is echoed in the US with National Marriage Week (February 7 – 14) promoting classes and support groups

Online PR News – 16-January-2013 – Cambridge, UK – The survey findings suggest that most people believe that strong marriages and long term relationships contribute to society with benefits to children, education and the economy. Despite this official policies introduced to support marriage have failed to slow the increase in marriage breakdown.

“As a society, we have launched highly effective public education campaigns on much less momentous issues, from smoking to recycling... For now, the decline of marriage is our most ignored national crisis..." Rich Lowry commentary, TIME Magazine, 2012

Maybe the answer lies not in policy but in promoting the idea that marriage is the way to lead happier lives with married couples having more fun and benefitting from the security and respect that develops in a committed relationship.

This theme is picked up by author Frankie Ledger in his recently released novel "Playtime for Priya". The novel is about a couple recognizing they are heading for problems and deciding they need to do something about it. “I noticed that many Romance Novels centred on people leaving relationships and finding love with a new romance. I wanted to show that often it is worth working on a relationship and making it something that is good for both partners.”

Frankie Ledger is a former relationship counsellor and also headed a school for youngsters with emotional problems. He recognizes the impact that relationship breakdown has on children. Playtime is the first in a series of novels that will have reconciliation as a major theme.

National marriage week is about to launch for 2013 with the main aims of promoting the benefits of marriage and elevating marriage as a national issue with policy makers. Maybe romance literature also has a part to play and can get the message to people faster and more effectively.

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About Frankie Ledger
Frankie is a former relationship counsellor for a major UK charity. He also headed a school for youngsters with emotional and behaviour challenges

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