Psychological Big-Wigs Hostile Toward Christianity, According To New Book 'Testing The Spirits'

Sabin Geyman, former defense analyst and author of Testing the Spirits: Exposing Dark Sayings & Embracing the Light of Jesus, suggests Americans embark on a new Protestant Reformation, as a remedy for our ailing society, schools, and institutions.

Online PR News – 16-January-2013 – Seattle, Washington – Sigmund Freud suggested that one who received Jesus the Creator was "infantile" for needing protection; that one who received Jesus the Saviour was involved in a "fantasy" of Paul's making; and that belief in the God of the Bible was inconsistent with nature, science, and reason. Carl Jung was taken in by Eugene Dubois' so-called "Java Man" bones, Ernst Haeckel's so-called "embryonic recapitulation," a panoply of Eastern religions and Greek philosophies, and Native American sun worship (Pueblos). Abraham Maslow came right out and pushed for psychology to throw off its Christian moorings.

So? So, psychologists come from esoteric and very anti-Christian roots. In Testing the Spirits: Exposing Dark Sayings & Embracing the Light of Jesus, Sabin Geyman has shed much light on the very anti-Christian foundations of psychology, and questions the legitimacy of the academic disciplines of psychology and psychiatry.

Jesus' very name, after all, is "Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace" (Is. 9:6, NASB). So clearly, as a nation built on the strong cords of a Judeo-Christian fabric, it behooves us to avoid false counselors (charlatans) who build up self-esteem while turning people away from the Wonderful Counselor Himself.

As public frivolity is at an all-time high, public virtue is at an all-time low--a combination that was predicted by our Christian Founding Fathers. As our nation reels under the strain of diversity-driven formlessness, there is a pressing need to retire Freud, Jung, Maslow, and their sorely misled intellectual heirs. In their places, we ought to put the Book of Psalms, the Book of Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes, veritable fonts of wisdom that point our hearts to the God of Israel.

A nation that gorges on bad counsel will not long stand. Testing the Spirits: Exposing Dark Sayings & Embracing the Light of Jesus, by Sabin Geyman, is good for the soul, and good for the national fiber.