Celebrity Women's And Men's Designer Jeans Retailer eModa Hangs Out With Philadelphia Native Jamie Kennedy

Celebrity men's and women's designer jeans retailer eModa.com sits down with Jamie Kennedy for a fashion photo shoot. The new co-star of 'Ghost Whisperer' on CBS gets fashionable.

Online PR News – 03-January-2009 – – PHILADELPHIA, PA -- A leading online provider of women's and men's designer jeans, eModa, chats and holds a fashion photo shoot with the Philadelphia television and movie star Jamie Kennedy.

The name Jamie Kennedy gives people many different reactions. With so much under his belt at such a young age, this man has affected, infected and influenced so many. Possibly, he was a disgruntled waiter at the famous Hollywood Red Lobster, or people may even remember his stint as a Humphrey Yogurt Parlor boy. If not, there are many other ways the public may have gotten the opportunity to see that lovely face of his.

From his crazy antics on the 'Jamie Kennedy Experiment' to his roles in highly rated movies including favorites such as 'Malibu's Most Wanted: King Kong Ain't Got Nuttin' On me,' Jamie Kennedy has really made a name for himself. He is currently on the hit show Ghost Whisperer with Jennifer Love Hewitt as a graduate psychology student -- very exciting!

Even before all this Ghost Whisperer action, he has been in huge films with some of Hollywood's biggest hitters such as George Clooney, Steve Martin, and Bruce Willis. This hometown boy makes good on his days earning 4.0's in the theater classes of Delaware County Community College -- the only classes he did not drop during his time there.

The youngest of six children in Upper Darby, PA, Jamie had plenty of room to test out his attention-grabbing skills via his antics at school or at the dinner table. His fate in retrospect to those closest to him must be so clear now. He was born a star. After deciding to leave Philly to go west, Jamie struggled in odd jobs here and there, even making his way to London for a bit on a journey to become what he inside had always known he was capable of -- attaining that Hollywood stardom.

At this point, he is a recognizable face all over the place. After all his struggling and determination, Jamie's perseverance in the hardest town in the world, in the most difficult industry, has proven to be worth all the heartache.

The men's and women's designer jeans retailer eModa.Com were thrilled to learn that Jamie was going to visit during his press stops in Philly to promote his stand up show in Atlantic City at the Borgata Hotel and Casino.

"I was personally a little nervous. I spent all day putting together shirts and men's designer jeans that I felt made the hottest get-ups for this Hollywood hottie. I put together looks from Five Four, Tankfarm, Roar, Laguna Beach Jeans and even Washed Up Hollywood belts. I Googled as many pictures as possible to try to match up his fashion sense without of all of his crazy characters. This proved to be slightly difficult," said Michelle Miller of eModa.Com (http://www.emoda.com).

When he entered, eModa.Com had him all set up to go. Everything was steamed and lined up, not knowing how he would react. To Michelle Miller's surprise, Jamie was very soft spoken and very humble saying he was delighted that the men's designer jeans retailer had gone through so much effort on his behalf. He was slightly quiet but still very warm.

Kennedy had just finished all his early morning radio press after a red-eye flight from the west coast and was clearly tired. He declined the offer for yummy flavored coffee, which is an eModa.Com standard, and simply picked his first look to put on. He apologized several times for being a bit worn down from travel, but as soon as eModa.Com had him ready to go, he stepped behind the camera and the star came out from hiding. He lit up and started cracking jokes and even made some priceless funny faces in fashion's most stylish fits. He even let Michelle jump in on a few frames of his photo shoot and was having her crack up. Michelle replied she 'was super stoked!'

Jamie Kennedy and Michelle of eModa.Com had a blast doing his shoot. Jamie took a little tour of the headquarters and stated how good it felt to be home. He did his hellos to all of eModa.Com's staff that were around at that moment, which included more than 50 individuals. Kennedy took the time to look everyone in the eye when he said hello. Michelle mentioned she personally thought it was very refreshing. When the shoot was wrapping up, he did something that no other celebrity has ever done.

"I am so fortunate at this point in my life and quite a few people send me clothing in the mail. I have so much at my house that it is ridiculous. I love this stuff, some so much that I have to take a few pieces that I cannot leave without, haha, but I cannot take all this. Thank you very, very much," said Jamie Kennedy even though he loved the clothing so much.

Michelle said she was in shock as Jamie, who could have taken it all, only grabbed the Tankfarm plaid men's designer jeans, several Five Four pieces, the WUH belt, one pair of Laguna Beach Jeans and left everything else.

"He said he comes home all the time and would love to come hang with eModa.Com again the next time he's here. I guess we made him feel welcome, or perhaps the hometown air always has something comforting to it," remarked Miller.

As soon as he walked out the door, Michelle received a text message from Jamie Kennedy saying 'hey, thanks so much for everything again. I love the clothes. So sorry for being so tired JK'

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