Phoeniks Will Distribute More Catering Equipment In Perth And Brisbane In 2013
16 January 2013

The Australian famous supplier of European innovative catering equipment has new objectives for 2013

Online PR News – 16-January-2013 – Melbourne – Indeed, they want to supply European innovative catering equipment in more Australian capital cities, Perth and Brisbane especially. Bringing larger volumes of European catering equipment perth in those two attractive fast growing cities is a priority for PHOENIKS for several reasons.

More innovative catering equipment for growing hospitality and tourism industries in Perth and Brisbane
The hospitality and tourism industries have kept on making progress in Brisbane and Perth due to the increasing attraction of those cities. One has indeed noticed that more and more restaurants and catering businesses have set up in Brisbane and Perth over the last 4 years. Considering such a growth of the hospitality industry in those two beautiful cities, PHOENIKS wants to help restaurants to achieve incredible results. Bringing European catering equipment in restaurants from Perth and Brisbane will indeed help chefs and restaurants managers to be more productive, work easier and faster. Phoeniks is the only catering equipment company in Australia that works with 9 exclusive European leaders who design the highest quality and most innovative pieces of catering equipment for the hospitality industry: MKN, Brunner, Hidria Gif, Salvis etc. It has been now 4 years that PHOENIKS has been distributing European highest quality catering equipment to the Australian hospitality industry. They have been particularly active in Melbourne and Sydney. From now on, they really want to extend their network of catering equipment dealers and technicians to target Brisbane and Perth.

Introducing innovative catering equipment: the next trade shows to come
As Phoeniks’ team really enjoys introducing the latest innovative catering equipment coming from Europe they will participate to new catering equipment trade shows in 2013. It is indeed absolutely crucial for the company to communicate a lot about their catering equipment and to highlight the differences between classic catering equipment and innovative catering equipment to convince professionals of the hospitality industry why European high quality catering equipment can create a big value for their business. Thus, PHOENIKS will take part in Foodservice Australia that will take place in Sydney in 2013. This trade show gathers many professionals of the hospitality and catering equipment industries and is one of the largest food events in Australia.

New videos about demonstrations of European catering equipment on Phoeniks’ website
PHOENIKS has recently fitted out its website by adding more information and especially videos of catering equipment on it. So when one takes a look at the webpages regarding catering equipment for each brand (Brunner, MKN, Hidria Gif, Dietatec), one can watch videos showing chefs and professionals making precise demonstrations of various pieces of catering equipment related to one specific brand: vegetable cutting machine, commercial kettle, ventilated ceiling and other pieces of innovative catering equipment. PHOENIKS also published more videos on their Youtube channel. If one wants to know all the latest news about the catering equipment company PHOENIKS, one simply can subscribe to the newsletter, like their Facebook page, or follow them on other social media such as Twitter. Phoeniks indeed often publishes interesting news about innovative catering equipment and commercial kitchen solutions.

PHOENIKS is one of the major suppliers of catering equipment in Australia. Offering only high quality innovative catering equipment, PHOENIKS has become famous in the Australian hospitality industry.

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