Healthier Hand Dryers With Newton Distributing

Industry leader, Newton, begins distributing the XLERATOR Hand Dryer’s new HEPA Filter.

Online PR News – 15-January-2013 – Boston, Massachusetts – HEPA filters are some of the highest quality air filters available today. With a system that removes 99.97% of all contaminates larger than 0.3 micrometers, HEPA is the filter of choice for any health-conscious business.

Excel’s XLERATOR Automatic Hand Dryers are already at the top of their class when it comes to power and efficiency but they recently became incredibly hygienic by incorporating HEPA filters into their advanced design. With their progressive combination of intense power, supreme energy efficiency, and, now, HEPA filtration, the XLERATOR is the unmatched choice for automatic hand drying.

Because of its strong partnership with Excel Dryer, Newton Distributing is the premier carrier of the XLERATOR HEPA filter. Available through their website or a phone call, Newton is ready to begin shipping these filters for XLERATOR Hand Dryers for commercial restrooms everywhere.

One of the most impressive features of the new HEPA filters for XLERATORs is that they can be retrofit to existing models. This ease of use means that any restroom with XLERATOR Hand Dryers can quickly and simply gain the hygienic capabilities of a HEPA filter.

With a constant focus on customer health, safety, and satisfaction, the president of Newton Distributing, Lance LaFave, is very excited to carry these new HEPA filters for XLERATORs, “By adding HEPA filtration to the already superior XLERATOR hand dryer, the product now appeals to end-users such as hospitals that are very sensitive to cross-contamination. This is achieved in a much more ergonomic and hygienic way than trough-style hand dryers.”

Customers can purchase a HEPA filter for their XLERATOR Hand Dryer separately from Newton Distributing or purchase a brand new XLERATOR with a HEPA filter already installed.

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About Newton Distributing
Based in Newton, Massachusetts, Newton Distributing is the premier supplier of commercial restroom products ranging from hand dryers to toilet partitions and everything in between. Their competent staff is trained on their entire inventory so they have a vast knowledge of the products they supply and are available to answer any questions either online or on phone. Their customer care and international shipping capabilities are part of the reason why they are the preferred vendor of Excel Hand Dryers. To learn more about Newton Distributing, visit their website at

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