Oil Gone Easy Marine S-200 reviewed in Power & Motoryacht Magazine

Oil Gone Easy Marine S-200 has been reviewed in the April issue of the Power & Motoryacht magazine. The review brings out the advantages of using the Oil Gone Easy Marine S-200 to clean a boat’s bilge. It also explains the environmentally safe mechanism by which the product works.

Online PR News – 21-April-2010 – – The Power & Motoryacht magazine, a magazine that focuses exclusively on large power boats of over 24 feet and features articles on yacht gear and maintenance, reviewed Oil Gone Easy Marine S-200, an eco-friendly oil stain remover, in its April issue.

The review states that Oil Gone Easy Marine S-200 is an easy and environmentally safe method to clean messy oil stains from boat bilges. The review also gave an account on the mechanism used in Oil Gone Easy product and how it works. It stated that when the milky white oil stain remover was poured on the stained parts on the boat’s bilge, the nutrients in the solution attract the oil-eating microorganisms in the atmosphere which break down the hydrocarbons in the oil.

By the process of bioremediation the toxic compounds are converted to harmless components that can be pumped out. This reduces the damage caused to the local marine environment due to dumping of oil into the water.

The manufacturers of Oil Gone Easy claim that the product remains effective up to 3 months. A second application is advised if the stain lasts even after two weeks. Oil Gone Easy Marine S-200 is also safe for rubber, wood, and fibreglass.

The review finally concluded that when compared to normal chemical cleaning agents that Oil Gone Easy Marine S-200 is natural, safe, effective, and also cost efficient.