Expert Coaches Join Forces Once Again to Help Overwhelmed Entrepreneurs

Two of the country's leading business coaches, Jennifer Davey and Silvia Johnson, are once again joining forces, this time offering a boot camp for struggling entrepreneurs seeking to boost their businesses.

Online PR News – 21-April-2010 – – Two of the country's leading business coaches, Jennifer Davey and Silvia Johnson, are once again joining forces to bring their collective expertise to entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals. The two coaches have launched a new program to provide expert help and guidance to entrepreneurs, enabling them to build the business of their dreams, even in an uncertain economy.

"When we first started marketing our respective businesses, we both had to struggle and test and try and learn. There was a big trial and error period. It took time for both us to realize it didn’t matter how good we were at what we did, if we didn’t know how to market it the right way,” says Jennifer Davey, Owner of JJS Coaching. “It would have been great if there was someone to show us how to successfully market our businesses, step-by-step and now that is what Silvia and I do for those in that same position."

Their latest offering, the "Marketing and Mindset Bootcamp" is an intensive, ten-session boot camp that explores and explains everything that an entrepreneur needs to know to succeed in the business climate that exists today. The two will coach attendees on how to attract the clients they need and how to maintain those relationships for years to come. Due to the high caliber of these coaches, the attendees essentially gain two careers worth of marketing and mindset tactics. Marketing and Mindset Bootcamp attendees can expect to leave the class with a clear action plan to making money in any economy, a step-by-step formula of how to make more income and a clearly defined marketing action plan. Attendees can also expect to gain confidence, stronger communication skills and a better understanding of their clients.

In order to provide participants with the best possible learning experience, registration for the Marketing and Mindset Bootcamp is limited. In order to enroll for this exciting opportunity those interested should visit

About Jennifer: Jennifer Davey is the owner of JJS Coaching and creator of the popular Getting Clients Home Study Program. Jennifer’s mix of real-life business experience, media experience, and practical application of marketing and digital strategies gives her a unique set of skills to help clients build their businesses much more quickly than they would on their own.

About Sylvia: Sylvia is an executive coach and organizational consultant in Fortune 100 companies. Silvia is a Master NLP Practitioner and Coach. Silvia has a passion for educating others, believing that this is one of the quickest ways to make wide scale change in the world. She is a coach and guest trainer in various companies and institutes worldwide.