Bestseller COPD DVD Strengthens Breathing Muscles

Specific COPD exercises proven to strengthen breathing muscles in Suzanne Andrews medically reviewed COPD DVD.

Online PR News – 21-April-2010 – Daytona Beach, FL – Healthwise Exercise, producers of Functional Fitness with Suzanne Andrwes on Public Television has medically documented the results of specific fitness and breathing exercises that focus on improving functional lung capacity. Using pulmonary therapy techniques and a device that measures oxygen saturation, Andrews has medically documented how specific breathing and pulmonary fitness techniques in a COPD patient increases oxygen saturation to a healthier range enabling people with COPD to live a better quality of life.

A healthy person has oxygen saturation of 90 and up. However, people with COPD fall below that line. Andrews often begins treatment with patients whose oxygen is well below normal range. Through specific pulmonary rehabilitation techniques, she has successfully increased peoples oxygen to that of a healthy person, helping to slow down the progression of COPD.

With an extensive background in pulmonary rehabilitation, Andrews states, “Being functional with COPD and asthma begins with learning how your respiratory muscles help you to breathe. By learning therapeutic techniques, people with COPD learn how to strengthen their breathing muscles.”

Since not everyone with COPD has the option to attend pulmonary COPD treatment therapy, Andrews produced Functional Fitness COPD as an excellent adjunct to a COPD patient plan of care and is available to doctor’s offices, online and at their website, Healthwise Exercise. There are two pulmonary therapy sessions that can be done seated on a chair or standing so that you can progress as your breathing muscles get stronger. Also unique about this COPD DVD is the included prompts for oxygen saturation checks throughout the two COPD workouts. See a free preview now at Healthwise Exercise.

In terms of exercise videos, one side does not fit all. With that in mind, PBS star Suzanne Andrews combined her rehab therapy and exercise instruction experience to formulate DVD's for specific health conditions. For more information and resources go to

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