Twitter Social Media Marketing Strategies: Inside Applications Revealed

Marketing firm breaks ground and shares Twitter Social Media marketing strategy techniques and third party applications used by agencies to measure client results.

Online PR News – 20-April-2010 – – Marketing firm Irbtrax breaks ground and shares Twitter Social Media marketing strategy third party applications, techniques and tips used by agencies to analyze, measure and improve client results. Results including but not limited to optimal viral marketing benefits, increased Internet visibility, ability to create relevant popular content and getting this content to receive actual views (clicks).

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The following 'inside' information will identify the purpose (Technique) of using the application, list the application (App) and include additional tips. This information is being presented by Irbtrax SEO Social Media Marketing to reveal insight into the methods and approaches used by SoMed firms in order to shed some light on the science behind the art. The applications listed below are not the only ones used by Social Media Marketing firms. However, they are currently free and user friendly.

Technique: Using a third party Tweet tracking resource to measure the viral impact of Tweets. These services can generally measure the number of Re-Tweets (RT’s) the contents actual URL has received. How many times each has been viewed 'clicks'. And which Twitter users have Re-Tweeted them and are therefore most likely interested in the content that was produced.


Technique: Using a third party aggregate content and general topic tracking application to take advantage of the latest opportunities and trends related to an industry. Helps determine which topics and their content are most popular. Will also provide the number of times various content has been re-Tweeted in past day, week or month by submitting a URL.


Technique: Using a tool to track a company or competitors Twitter social media Internet visibility. The number of times a company or competition has been mentioned. Provides a social media sentiment rating based on a unique formula.


Technique: Using a resource to track a company or their competitors overall social media visibility. Includes Twitter and many different social platforms outside of Twitter. Used to help point out broader social networking weaknesses and illustrate strengths.


Technique: Using a platform to manage multiple Twitter accounts and other social media platforms from one location to save time and effort.


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Additional tips:

- Avoid any temptation to disguise the content of Tweets. This practice might gain more clicks in the short term but it will ultimately result in tarnishing a business's Twitter and online image.
- Make sure to follow a useable format for re-Tweeting. Tweets that use up all or almost all of the 140 character allotment have proven to receive far less re-Tweets. Additionally, truncated Tweets don't look professional.
- Add clear and concise explanations of what a tiny URL contains and keep under 125 characters if possible. This allows for accounts with long hash tags to RT material without concern it will get truncated.
- When writing an article, release or Blog make sure it has a share mechanism or includes a hyperlink to the featured parties Twitter account.

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