EliteSkin's April Showers Sale & New Product Launch

Anti Aging Product manufacturer EliteSkin is having a sale for the remainder of the month of April, in anticipation of making room for four new exciting anti aging products that have been going through testing all Winter.

Online PR News – 20-April-2010 – – EliteSkin, a South Florida-based skin care manufacturer, is pleased to announce a sale that will last for the rest of the month of April. The sale, called 'April Showers,' starts April 20th and is good for $20 off any order placed on EliteSkin.com.

EliteSkin is best known for it's best selling eye serum, the Elite Serum, a proprietary blend of peptides and antioxidants, and also the flagship product of the company that launched in early 2009. The Elite Serum is sold in quantities of 1, 2, or even 4 and is also the anchor product in the popular Age Defying System, the most complete series of facial rejuvenation creams of 2010. Along with the popular Elite Serum, the Age Defying System is sold with a neck & chest firming cream, called 'V-Covery,' as well as an anti wrinkle serum, called Wrinkle Eraser."

"While we are extremely excited to launch four new products in May, we thought a sale was in order to help people who have been doing some comparison shopping take advantage of our top-selling products at greatly reduced prices before Summer," said company President Tim Schmidt. "We're obtaining many new customers these days who are looking for an alternative to cosmetic surgery, in anticipation of being out and about in the Summer months. The Age Defying System is a complete attack on wrinkles, skin discoloration, and enlarged pores. Using it now will help you get ready for summer. Then, it's up to you to use sunblock whenever possible in order to prevent any further skin damage," added Schmidt.

All of the EliteSkin products have been re-packaged in recent months, according to Schmidt. "The Wrinkle Eraser has been formulated with more active cosmeceutical ingredients, and is now a clear gel, instead of your typical wrinkle cream, which is more like a body lotion. We had so much success with the Elite Serum last year that we decided to move to a more viscous formula. Many skin product brands are moving to serums due to their ability to utilize more of the marquee ingredients, as well as their ability to glide lightly onto the skin's surface. If you order a Wrinkle Eraser today, it's improved by leaps and bounds when compared to prior versions."

Another product that has been upgraded is the V-Covery, which addresses signs of aging across the decollete zone. Firming skin that so often gets damaged from the chest and up, the V-Covery works to tighten skin on the neck, which often times sags as it loses elasticity. The V-Covery cream is now sold in a one ounce jar. "Many long-time customers agreed that the neck cream's tightening agents were too thick for an airless pump. At times, it was hard to disperse the formula without jamming the pump. For this reason, we've started using a jar, and so far, so good," stated Customer Service Manager Doug Holliday.

While the company is quiet about the new products, Holliday let the cat out of the bag on what they are formulated to do. "Most people who use anti aging products see great results. The problem is, they don't know what to do after they complete their treatment. We've identified this as an area where many companies, including our own, really lacked a proper product that enhances and lengthens the effect of anti aging treatments. For this reason, after a lot of testing over the Winter, we have formulated a maintenance system. It's due to launch in May, and will certainly be a breath of fresh air for everyone looking for help keeping the results of their anti aging treatments in place," concluded Holliday.

Until those products are launched, you can get yourself ready for Summer by taking advantage of the April sale at EliteSkin. Simply use code 'Showers' online or on the phone when ordering and you will save $20 off your order.

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