Thermotron Chambers Perform a Battery of Tests

Thermotron has developed testing solutions for every size and type of battery. Whether the application involves testing small lithium ion battery cells, medium-sized battery modules, or large lithium ion battery packs, Thermotron has the solution.

Online PR News – 21-April-2010 – – Due to the recent expansion of the eco-friendly battery development industry, Thermotron has developed testing solutions for every size and type of battery. Whether the application involves testing small lithium ion battery cells used in portable electronic devices, medium-sized battery modules, or large lithium ion battery packs used in hybrid electric automobiles, trucks, and buses, Thermotron has a chamber sized to fit the application.

Battery testing is carried out in environmental chambers to determine product safety, longevity and performance under extreme conditions to improve reliability. Thermotron temperature and humidity chambers are capable of simulating extreme environment conditions encountered in battery storage, shipping, and end use. Temperatures can be accurately controlled between -70ºC and +180ºC and humidity levels range from 20% RH to 95%RH. These environmental test chambers from Thermotron are designed to meet the demanding specifications required by reputable organizations such as IEC, JIS, UL, IEEE, UN, and USABC and Freedom Car.

Battery Test Chambers are engineered to provide accurate and repeatable test results. Optimized airflow systems provide conditioning throughout the entire workspace, minimizing gradients and improving consistency. Application specific compressor selections from 3hp to 20hp allow for customized temperature change rate performance to meet individual testing needs.

Battery Test Chambers must be configured with safety in mind. Depending on the application, lithium ion battery test equipment can incorporate gas detection, pressure relief, air or nitrogen purging, minimal sparking interiors, intrinsic barriers, fire suppression, etc. Other safety features available on Battery Test Chambers include: thermal protection devices to protect the product and the equipment, redundant breakers and heat links, emergency power off button, electrical disconnect switch, high and low pressure limit switches.

Thermotron’s sophisticated touchscreen control systems are easy to use. They support quick and accurate testing of preprogrammed battery test profiles. Instruments allow for easy computer interface for PC control. They are Ethernet-compatible and serve as a web-enabled front end for virtual anytime/anywhere access. Chamber controls are compatible with power cycling test equipment to provide an integrated battery test solution.

About Thermotron
Thermotron Industries, headquartered in Holland, Michigan, is North America’s largest, manufacturer of Environmental Test Equipment. Thermotron manufactures a wide range of test equipment and solutions to improve product reliability including: Environmental Test Chambers, Accelerated Stress Test Systems for HALT & HASS, Thermal Shock Chambers, Electrodynamic Electromigration Test Systems, Environmental Stress Screening Systems, Altitude Chambers, and more. Each piece of Thermotron equipment features in-house manufactured instrumentation specifically developed for easy-to-use programming, controlling, and monitoring the test equipment and product under test. The company’s highly skilled Service Engineers assists in systems start-up and on-site training, equipment repair, instrumentation system upgrades and retrofits, preventive maintenance, warranty service, ISO 17025 field calibration and certification.

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