Big Appliances launch new web site and offers tradition a facelift with appearance of Britannia rang

Big Appliances, a Purfleet-based stockist of white goods (who operate one of the largest white goods warehouses in the South of England), are launching their site with branding firmly in mind.

Online PR News – 20-April-2010 – – Big Appliances, a Purfleet-based stockist of white goods (who operate one of the largest white goods warehouses in the South of England), are launching their site with branding firmly in mind: they stock big, they stock heavy, they stock the white goods equivalent of a Humvee or a Dodge Charger.

Cookers built for durability, purpose, easy living. Cookers whose buttons are hefty and whose pot stands are cast iron. Cookers, in short, to whom the idea of bells and whistles is anathema.

Flying in the face of tradition isn’t always a good idea. A lot of things about a great deal of old stuff were – and are – really rather good: durability; style; simplicity, for example. All the bells and whistles and so on that came later: well, as often as not, they fell off, and when they fell off nothing worked anymore. Things that were built “traditionally” were built well. Like the Britannia range cookers making a welcome appearance on the new Big Appliances website, which is going live this week.

That isn’t to say that the Britannia range cookers debuted on the Big Appliances site are feature free. Far from it. No – it’s just that the Britannia range cookers (and, indeed, pretty much all of the cookers, fridge freezers and general heavy appliances found on the new internet showroom) featured don’t go in for silly stuff that breaks. Britannia cookers, when they do a feature, do it simply and well: like the digital cook programmer that comes as standard on all three models Big Appliances are stocking, or their height adjustable legs. Britannia range cookers are about sensible features that actually work, presented in a traditional (for “traditional” read “timeless”) casing.

Each Britannia range cooker has a pretty similar set of functions – they’re all dual fuel; they’re all easy to clean; and they all have an impressive array of hob burners. The only real differences between each item in the Britannia cookers range is finish – customers either get gloss, acid-repellent black; stainless steel; or brushed aluminium.

Every Britannia range cooker has a double oven and vast oven-top surfaces – with one model only, the top dog in the range, featuring variable oven-top functionalities. The Sl-10TC-SLX-K (the names don’t have to be easy to use) includes a central chef top that can be removed to reveal a mid-hob fish grill. Other than that, a customer’s main choices, when purchasing any one of the sturdy Britannia range cookers, are – what colour; what price bracket?

The Britannia range cookers featured on Big Appliances fall into two broad price ranges – just over £1,000, and £2,500. There are two options at each level, demarcated basically by outward appearance rather than functional difference.

Similarly to some of the other ranges of large cookers on the Big Appliances site, this lets customers with different styled kitchens pick the right look for their environment without compromising on the functionalities they need in order to get the most out of their purchase. Taking a look across the selection of Britannia range cookers Big Appliances has made, one thing becomes immediately clear – the boys from Essex aren’t daft.

About Big Appliances:

Big Appliances is an Essex based domestic appliances retailer specializing in Range cookers and American fridge freezers, provide competitive prices through its only platform and its Hornchurch shop. It also provides a wholesale arm of its brand supplying over 100 independent retailers.

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