Hangi - Underground Cooking Site Opens

New website reveals never before seen secrets of cooking a traditional Maori Hangi.

Online PR News – 20-April-2010 – – "Unless you've actually traveled to New Zealand you've probably never heard of this amazing cooking technique before" explains Neville Pettersson, the creator of the Official NZ Hangi Guide. The way that a Hangi is prepared is truly unique. The basic concept uses hot rocks as a heat source, on top of which, food is placed and then totally covered with earth. Preparation usually takes up to 1-2 days but is well worth it.

"There is absolutely NO taste similar to a Hangi anywhere in the World" explains Neville. If you ever come to New Zealand, eating a Hangi is an absolute MUST try experience. Neville continues by saying that "you can't really say that you've visited New Zealand if you haven't tasted a Hangi".

"The purpose of my website is so Kiwi's and visitors around the world can access all the information they need to be able to make their own Hangi, no matter where they are in the world" explains Neville. The new site certainly does deliver what it promises with a comprehensive equipment list, photos and video footage. Neville finishes by saying "hopefully, my site will lift the profile of Hangi cooking and Maori culture around the world".