Dealers pay Tribute to Allen Motors - Chrysler Dealership in Derry, NH

DealershipForum members pay tribute to Allen Motors of Derry, N.H. and support Dealer Troy Allen’s decision to close his dealership despite 38 years of serving his community

Online PR News – 20-April-2010 – – Grapeview, WA --- In a culture that roots for the underdog and celebrates risk, not much attention is paid to the people who make a more difficult decision - the decision to quit.

While many dealerships have been forced to close in the worst recession since the Great Depression, Allen Motors merits special attention because of the dealer’s decision to close his store on his own terms. Unlike most dealerships which are forced to close, dealer Troy Allen made the difficult decision to self-terminate his Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge franchises and close his multi-generation family business. Making the decision to self-terminate ensured the dealership would maintain sufficient capital to meet their obligations to their customers, employees and vendors.

Scott Hogle, founder of DealershipForum, acknowledged that many dealers have been unable to make this decision when faced with similar circumstances. Hogle commented, “There are so many stories about dealers who drive their business into bankruptcy leaving a legacy of unpaid debts that our members wanted to pay tribute to Allen Motors and commend Troy Allen for having the bravery to make a difficult decision.“

Headlines across the country have been filled with reports of dealers who failed to remit taxes or pay employees in an effort to keep their failing businesses afloat. Other dealers have been sentenced to prison for taking customers' vehicles in trade and failing to pay-off the existing loan, leaving the customers saddled with a payment on the old vehicle and the new vehicle.

In perhaps the most sensational example of desperation, a New Mexico dealer was accused of flying to Las Vegas in a failed attempt to recapitalize his business with gambling winnings.

Paying tribute to Allen Motors also allows DealershipForum members to discuss the unique problems associated with running a dealership when family members are added to the equation. Troy Allen commented, “When business is good, a family business generally runs well…but when things get tough and business slows, the finger pointing and backroom plotting begins." Other DealershipForum members echoed those sentiments.

And finally, the tribute to Allen Motors allows members to discuss the challenges Dealer Principals face as they try to balance the needs of their customers, their employees and their manufacturer. Allen commented, "In good times, you can't make it down to the bank fast enough with deposits. In bad times, it's tough to survive. I've had 25 years' experience dealing with the manufacturer and running the place. You realize you have to make decisions that are good for your employees first."

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