New Website Helps Spot Work at Home Scams
04/19/2010 Launches Website and Offers Peace of Mind for People Looking for Work at Home Opportunities.

Online PR News – 19-April-2010 – – WAHCheck is celebrating the launch of its website, aimed at helping people earn a living working from home. Its mission, though, is more than just connecting the public with potential work at home jobs.

WAHCheck (short for work at home Check) is more than just another classified employment advertising website, according to WAHCheck's founder and creator Scott Lindsay. Lindsay's passion is to help people find quality work at home jobs, jobs with genuine income potential. WAHCheck's real mission, in fact, is to help the public avoid the many Work at home scams that are all too common in this technologically advanced era.

"There are so many scams and cons around today, it can strike fear into the average person and cause them to lose interest in working from home", says Lindsay. "I have worked from home for 20 years I know what it takes to be successful and to avoid scammers. It is my desire to put this knowledge and power into the hands of our members."

Work at home scams are nothing new, of course. They've been around at least as long as the Ponzi scheme. However, the Internet has simply made it easier for the perpetrators of work at home scams to reach potential victims. Today, it's possible for scammers to take someone's money and disappear without ever having made personal or even telephone contact with their victims.

It can be extremely difficult for the average work at home job-seeker to determine whether a particular employment opportunity is legitimate or not. It can also be hard to tell whether a legitimate work at home offer is as potentially lucrative as its sellers make it out to sound. Many job seekers don't have any idea how to even begin to investigate whether a particular company or job offer is all it's been hyped to be.

I have worked from home for 20 years I know what it takes to be successful and to avoid scammers. It is my desire to put this knowledge and power into the hands of our members.

Now, work at home job-seekers need not worry about that research: does it for them. WAHCheck investigates work at home job offers and companies and provides comprehensive overviews of the companies it lists. It also supplies visitors with company reviews and ratings so that you can see what other real people are saying about a particular company and its claims.

WAHCheck members also have access to several other features, including:

* An interactive community, where members can collaborate with each other and share thoughts, ideas and tips.

* Exclusive articles that aren't available to the general public. The articles are written by professionals and contain useful, practical information about making money at home.

* WAHAlerts, an email notification about new job postings.

* Scam alerts, which provides members with instant information about new work at home scams to avoid. membership is completely free, so members have nothing to lose by signing up. WAHCheck is completely devoted to helping work at home job seekers keep their own money as well as making more. It's Scott Lindsay's passion, and it's evident from the moment visitors land on WAHCheck's home page.

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