FAQ Manager – Fresh Blood in the Ranks of Customer Support Software

Web-Site-Scripts.com, the global leader in knowledge management systems and FAQ software, presented today the release of professional FAQ software – KnowledgeBase Manager Pro 5.1

Online PR News – 14-July-2009 – – Web-Site-Scripts Company, the global leader in FAQ Software, announced today that new FAQ Software – KnowledgeBase Manager Pro came into the market. Major innovations of the release are: ability to create multiple FAQ systems on different websites, simplified work with large amounts of data, and new themes that allow to create and edit articles right on the website without entering the control panel.

KnowledgeBase Manager Pro is the application oriented on large amounts of data administration and knowledge sharing. Unique function for creation of multiple publications of any data set allows establishing several FAQs and managing them using a single FAQ System. KnowledgeBase Manager Pro emerged relatively not long ago, but it has solid footing on the market already. According to Edward Nikolaev, Head of Support Department, current customers, among them – national mobile operators, large hosting providers, world’s biggest educational and research institutions, give high praise to announced FAQ Manager. “I like your company’s products (by the way the best on the market) and I am interested in being longtime customer for you – this is the reaction of our client who bought the product today”.

In the new version of FAQ software, operator doesn’t need to login to control panel to fix the text of published article. He can open the article on the website instead and apply changes right there. Thereby full control over information presentation reached – website visitors see it with the same appearance and in the same place where it was added. The control panel of FAQ Manager represents powerful tool for oversight operation of the whole FAQ System. It is possible to run complex manipulations on data, browse statistics of authors’ efficiency and estimate readers reaction.

There are two tools dedicated to customer support organization. First one is FAQ Questions. Site visitor can ask a question using simple form. This question comes to FAQ Manager’s control panel, where assigned to this task operator sees it among the others. He can contact question author directly or create new article based on this question in FAQ System.

Website visitors can vote for article rating as well. If rating is negative, they are asked to explain a reason of their action. All these opinions are gathered in the control panel in the Negative Ratings section. Along with the statistic of visitors’ search queries, this data array represents a basis for improvement and further development of questions and answers knowledge base in order to provide maximum quality of customer support.

When we talk about FAQ Software by Web-Site-Scripts Company, we must say about large variety of settings that supply amazing flexibility in creation of different FAQ on different websites and for different goals. Besides the fact that integration to the design of the existing website is smart and simple, you can also control the appearance and work logic of FAQ by tuning more than thousand of parameters. Starting from date and time format, number of entries per page, and short article descriptions length, and continue with pre-moderation of comments, fine-tuning of SEO parameters for each page and specific access rights.

“We estimated during development that FAQ Software can be used in ANY application domain. Functionalities developed by us don’t have analogues and are meant to give the level of configuration flexibility, lack of which forced companies to order custom development that required large budgets allocation, led to the waste of time and expected result was not always received. On the counterpart, we have the online demo, where anybody can test all functions of prepared-for-use product by himself”, said Igor Dobritskiy, CTO of Web-Site-Scripts Company. We would remind you that cost of KnowledgeBase Manager Pro varies from $398 to $6’950 and includes three months of free support and updates.

Web-Site-Scripts Company helps its clients to change approach to organization and management of data in a fundamental way, thus enable organizations to increase their activities effectiveness in modern dynamic environment. Web-Site-Scripts Company integrates solutions in areas of business knowledge management, business wiki software, FAQ & customer support software, etc. in a single product – KnowledgeBase Manager Pro. For additional information on the KM Software by Web-Site-Scripts Company visit www.web-site-scripts.com/knowledge-management/

About Web-Site-Scripts Company:
Web-Site-Scripts Company, the leader in knowledge base management software, makes it possible for any business to accumulate and use knowledge, thus reduce expenses on customer support and increase by up to 50% decision-making quality, staff agility, and company reaction speed to changes of market needs. New products development cycle decreases by 20% in average. Company focus on modern technologies that increase software performance and provide users with rich user interface allowed Web-Site-Scripts to take a dominant position on market and have more than 30’000 clients over the world.

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