Social Media Marketing Strategy for Business: Social Media Optimization Study

Recent studies of highly effective Social Media marketing strategies revealed a consistent pattern of techniques that enhanced the results of their campaign.

Online PR News – 19-April-2010 – – Independent study reveals successful Social Media marketing strategies have followed a similar pattern to enhance the results of their campaign. What follows is a Social Media marketing strategy blueprint for businesses interested in gaining a greater return on investment for the time and resources expended. A blueprint that if followed will help generate publicity, increase viral marketing benefits and create traffic that ultimately leads to measurable results.

This independent study was performed by Irbtrax SEO Social Media Marketing and online public relations. The study took several months and the results were based on the following:

- Monitoring a variety of successful social media campaigns.
- Researching the third party services that supported these campaigns
- Measuring their viral marketing, public relations and Internet visibility results
- Analyzing their aggregate marketing efforts and searching for underlying patters

The results of this research revealed a pattern of best practice Social Media marketing applications that played a large role in each campaigns continued success. According to Irbtrax founder Scott Moir- "As our study continued a consistent pattern began to emerge. This pattern involved three applications. Pre-launch preparation, continued assessments and applying findings in order to make key adjustments at critical times.“

The following represents a brief overview of these three social media optimization applications:

Pre-launch Internet market research to help answer key questions and improve results:

- Who exactly is our target audience and how can they be cost effectively reached
- Roughly what percentage of our target market is involved in Social Media
- What are the best Social Media platforms to help reach our target market
- Can we integrate any of the existing online or offline assets we utilize
- What future strategies can jump start our campaign if it hits a ceiling
- What applications are available to help us monitor results

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Ongoing periodic assessments that answer the following questions:

- Has our Internet visibility and branding expanded
- Are there new trends or opportunities we can leverage
- Any new applications available that we aren’t aware of
- Has traffic to our main website or sales platform increased
- Are we seeing measurable increases in potential leads or actual sales
- What is our competition doing and how can we use this to our advantage
- Are there more efficient ways to run our campaign while maximizing results
- Are we connecting with the wireless community or should we enhance our campaign for mobile marketing

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Applying the findings to make adjustments and enhance results:

- What's worked best and how can we optimize this approach
- What other social media platforms can we integrate to increase results
- Are there any mutually beneficial strategic business alliances we can enter into

In the final analysis it was determined that while Social Media marketing is still an evolving application it should be treated no different from any other marketing strategy. The key is to be able to measure tangible results against a clear cut objective.

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