Corporate Video Production Company in Los Angeles Offers Free SEO Services

Vmatrix, Inc. a Corporate Video Production and Video SEO Company launches Free Video SEO Services and First Page Guarantee to all new corporate video clients

Online PR News – 13-July-2009 – – When the marketing team at Montreal-based Intelerad Radiology contracted Vmatrix, Inc. ( to produce a gallery of customer testimonial videos for their website (, they were confident they would quickly see a return on their investment. "Customer referrals have always been a big part of our business,” said Marvin Lising, Intelerad’s Marketing Specialist. “That’s why our videos are on the home page of our site. When a customer has to choose between our solutions or those of the competition, we know their more likely to choose us because of our customer testimonials.”

What Lising and other Intelerad managers did not know, however, is that their videos would one day dominate Google search results and generate even more leads than their website’s video gallery. “We had no idea Vmatrix could take our videos out of our website and put them on top of Google,” said Lising. “We’re very happy they did!”

Thanks to Vsearch TM, the video search optimization platform engineered by Vmatrix, Intelerad’s customer testimonial videos can be found in multiple first page listings in Google search results for the following keywords:

· "PACS workstations for hospitals"
· "PACS software solutions for medical centers"
· "PACS Medical Imaging for Hospitals"

Because of a fundamental shift underway with Google’s search engine algorithms, company’s like Intelerad are starting to see their marketing videos appear higher in search results than their website. This has presented a tremendous opportunity for companies like Vmatrix who have both corporate video production and search engine optimization expertise. To maintain its leadership, Vmatrix is offering free SEO services for all new corporate video clients during the month of July, 2008. The offer expires on July 31st, 2009.

“Our customers often tell us that their video has become the most powerful sales tool in their website,” said Vmatrix founder Gary Gabriel. “Now with our free Video SEO service, video will become their most valuable tool in all their online marketing and sales initiatives. We’ll place a client’s video on the first page of Google search results and we’ll place it in industry directories, blogs, article sites and social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook!”

Prices for corporate video production with Vmatrix range from $5,500 for a single chapter, one-minute video to $15,500 for a multi-chapter video gallery similar to the galleries streaming from,,, or

The price for ongoing search optimization support for a client’s video will be free for six months with first page rankings guaranteed by Vmatrix. After six months, clients can forgo any future video SEO work by Vmatrix or agree to pay for ongoing SEO management for $250/Month.

“Because Google changed their algorithms last year to give a company’s video much higher ranking authority on search results, business owners must start thinking of video as an essential part of their website and SEO strategy.” said Gabriel, a former Emmy-winning reporter for ABC-TV.

A recent announcement from Google confirms the strong effectiveness of video advertising. Along with Double Click, Google sponsored a study which found that Rich media ad formats with video outperform all other types of ads by an overwhelming margin. According to the research video ads even outstrip Flash animation and can be the deciding factor on whether or not it’s a successful campaign.