Bad Breath Treatment Geared For Children Launched

Bad breath is a problem faced by many people. Mouthwashes and toothpastes help with this problem, but sometimes, they do not completely eliminate it or they wear off quickly. One of the simplest types of bad breath treatment is simply cleaning the tongue. Oolitt Advantage Inc. Is launching a new line of colorful tongue cleaners aimed at attracting children to this ancient practice.

Online PR News – 19-April-2010 – – Tampa, FL April 19, 2010 -- Dee Patel, immigrant entrepreneur and CEO of Oolitt Advantage Inc. Is pleased to announce the launch of their new line of tongue scrapers in bright colors to make them more attractive to children.

Ms Patel admits she is a woman on a mission. That mission is to break through seeming resistance to adopting the ancient practice of tongue cleaning in the western world, the US in particular. She has often wondered, "Why aren't tongue cleaners given out with the complimentary toothbrush and floss when we visit the dentist?"

The logic behind her question is that the best treatment for bad breath is killing it at its source. The mouth is full of bacteria that react with air and tiny food particles anywhere in the mouth they may be. This reaction produces the foul smells that we call bad breath. If oral hygiene consisted of cleaning the tongue, as well as the teeth and gums, 99 percent of these bacteria would be destroyed and bad breath would not occur.

Ms. Patel was once fearful of "stepping on toes" where dentists were concerned. Instead, she and her company have been rewarded with their full support in her endeavor.

For more information about the importance of cleaning the tongue as a bad breath treatment or the new line of tongue scrapers for children being launched, visit the website of Oolitt Advantage at or contact Ms. Patel at

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