First Enterprise CMS Based on ASP.NET MVC Released

Chinese software developer Yardi Technology Limited released an updated version of its Kooboo Content Management System software last week. The Enterprise CMS is based on ASP.NET MVC, and is the first open source CMS project out of China.

Online PR News – 19-April-2010 – – Xiamen, China 19 April 2010 Chinese software vendor Yardi Technology Limited released an updated version of Kooboo CMS. This is the first and only Enterprise CMS based on ASP.NET MVC, and the first open source CMS project out of China.

There are many features in Kooboo CMS 2.1 that make Kooboo a complete solution for Enterprise users. Some of the key improvements include:

1. Webdav: Drag and drop files directly from your PC into a Kooboo CMS content repository using standard Windows Explorer.
2. Metaweblog: Manage and publish content directly from Microsoft Word or other applications that support this protocol.
3. CMIS: Publish content to remote Kooboo instances or integrate content with other systems using the open CMIS protocol.
4. RSS support, incremental deployment, and many other features.

ASP.NET MVC is a new framework from Microsoft for building professional websites using the model-view-controller pattern. Kooboo CMS is the first CMS based on ASP.NET MVC. This new MVC framework makes the modular development easier than ever by using Microsoft technology. It provides native supports for SEO, better unit testing, and many other possibilities.

Kooboo CMS was first released in August 2009 at as a Chinese contribution to the open source community. The creative JavaScript-based user interface, and Kooboo’s unique solution to the multilingual problem makes this CMS a reliable solution for many multinational companies. It has been adapted by multiple organizations in France, the Netherlands, and other countries, and was recently accepted into the Microsoft Web Application Gallery as a content management software.

Kooboo CMS provides a multi-site and multilingual solution for large, international organizations. Translating multilingual websites is not simply about translation of text content; it also entails the ability to fully localize all website elements. By introducing the Inheritance concept from Object-Oriented Programming into site development, Kooboo CMS is the perfect solution to this long-standing problem.

Yardi Technology Limited is a software outsourcing company founded by Guoqi Zheng in 2007. It uses the latest technology from Microsoft to provide web development service, and currently houses 30 ASP.NET developers. Yardi is developing a series of web development products, including Kooboo CMS, Kooboo Commerce and Kooboo CRM.