Recession related layoffs have seen many people today opt for businesses instead of formal employment. Self employment is one of the most rewarding experiences if done correctly, especially because of the fact that one gets to work on their own schedule.

Online PR News – 09-January-2013 – SÅTENÄS – Living at a time when competition in businesses is so stiff, business owners need to establish those competitive edges that will turbo charge their businesses. Taking företag marknadsföring courses can be a viable solution, but it can be very time consuming, not to mention very confusing with all the information out there. Business owners, especially start-up business owners need to find and use time-tested business ideas rather than waste their time and money undertaking long business courses.

Fredrik Lyreskog, the author and business career consultant whose background in sales and marketing and strategic planning spans over several years – has enabled the author to identify 99 tricks in sales and marketing that will propel a business to the next level.

Speaking during the official launch of the e-book, the author was quoted as saying “most business owners fail not because their business ideas are not viable or pplicable but because they do not market their business to the right target audience”. “The only way you can truly succeed in any business venture is to invest in your företag marknadsföring campaign. Investment in form of both time and money”. He continued to say.

Företag marknadsföring is a tried and tested way through which a start-up business gets introduced to its most potential customers who will then become buying customers.

“Unless done correctly, one may end up blowing an entire marketing budget on a campaign that will not yield anything,” says the webmaster of, who was also speaking at the same venue.

“One of the first and most important företag marknadsföring strategies that I learnt from the ebook was to set a marketing budget before starting out anything else.”, says James Paterson, a successful internet business owner who has been in the industry for five years now.

“Thanks for a very good book! We will use your tricks in some of our customer projects. Given what we have for the hourly rate, this is undoubtedly the year's best investment for us”, another happy customer, Calle Lindqvist, sales consultant, Vasteras was quoted as saying.

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