New Woman Workout Machine Launched for Yoga Lovers

New woman exercise machine launched by This woman exercise machine is designed based on the yoga principles. Less than 1.5 pound, this small and light weigh machine is suitable for busy professional, hectic housewife, student or a mother with little time to spare to exercise. Body Shaper Machine firms up body and tones muscles. It can even work on the hard-to-exercise areas like the triceps, lower belly, and thighs.

Online PR News – 19-April-2010 – – Blaine, WA ( Onlineprnews ) April 19, 2010 - Introducing a new exercise machine designed for women. Woman are always looking for a way to make their body more slim and attractive. But many of the workout exercise machines nowadays only increase the body muscles, especially for men.

The body shaper machine ( is designed to shape the woman’s body to look slim and fit. Guided by the time-proven yoga techniques based on deep breathing, posture, controlled stretching, and paced movements; this fitness machine makes wonderful enhancements to thighs, chest, and shoulders. It can tone up the back muscles and firms the chest. This new woman exercise machine is fun and easy to use.

The Body Shaper Machine makes use of the air pressure forcing leading muscles leading to enhance metabolism and increased fat burning. Using this home exercise program frequently will not only tone the target muscles, but also the surrounding areas.

When using this woman workout machine ( for a hip & thigh it also tones up your butt and abdomen. Repetitive usage of the Body Shaper Machine can result into firmer inner thighs, slimmer hips and sides, firm chest, straighter body posture and a stronger back. Since this woman fitness-training machine is based on the yoga principles, one can experience the impact on the core muscles, toning up inner self, thereby enhancing the overall body posture. The exercises done with this body shaper machine are slowly with by deep breathing. It will not overtire or overload the muscles, but tones the target area, resulting into a slim body.

Many fitness machines are heavy or big, designed for men only. The Body Shaper Machine is one of the smallest and lightweight exercise machines. It weights less than 1.5 pound. So it’s very portable and designed to be used at home, office, or during travel. With the adjustable tension provision attached, the body shaper machine can be changed for a lighter or intense workout ( It’s designed to be be used regularly by anyone to tone up their back, chest, shoulder, hip, and thigh.

This woman exercise machine is simple to use and is supported by a website with full diet and fitness tips. Since this woman exercise machine is very lightweight it makes highly suitable for any woman.

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