Reviving the forgotten Sunnah- Hijama Cupping Therapy

In Ilford, United Kingdom, Hijama Nation is providing with the Hijama services; all what is involved in this technique is suction and the relief is brought by the usage of suction which removes the stagnant blood. Hijama Nation is proud to mention that it is providing this s

Online PR News – 09-January-2013 – Ilford, Essex – Hijama is not a new thing and has been used widely from years by different nations, Muslims call it Hijama and others simply refer to it as cupping. The history tells us that it has been used by many Egyptians and Chinese around 3 thousand years and it was practically used for treatment of different disease. There are different types of this technique and different kinds of cup are also used for achieving different objectives.

As the World is modernizing, problems are also growing. Among regular health problems, muscle and joint pains are the most common and are faced by most of the people as they cross the age of 40. This Hijama therapy is a real relief for these two problems. This therapy is basically involved in sucking the stagnant and harmful blood. When that blood is sucked; it makes the flow of remaining blood easy and clear due to which other problems are also solved.

In ancient times, people used fire to start the process. Vacuum is necessary to be maintained to create the suction effect, therefore, some flammable herbs were ignited and as the fire vanished the cup was used for pulling the illness out as at that time, it had vacuum and nothing else, now in modern world, there are many other methods that can be used in place of fire, one of them is to use squeeze bags with rubber tops.

There are two main types of Hijama and that will depend on the severity of your problem that which treatment is required to you i.e. dry cupping or wet cupping. In dry cupping, no cuts are involved, it is more or less a massage therapy but in wet cupping, incision is also involved and under the cup there is a cut from where the harmful blood is pulled out, there must be a professional who is performing this because wet cupping involves ore skills and it is more risky and exposed to danger.

Hijama has been used by Muslims from a number of years and they follow it as a sunnah as our beloved prophet Muhammad (SAWW) used it and he declared it as effective. This therapy actually has the power to bring the patient in relief by removing different kind of body pains.