Fairfield Public Schools Partners With Sustainable Food Systems for Enhanced School Lunch Program

Fairfield Public Schools recently announced a partnership with local good food expert John Turenne of Sustainable Food Systems to improve school lunch services.

Online PR News – 09-January-2013 – Fairfield, CT – Fairfield Public Schools has collaborated with John Turenne, founder and President of Sustainable Food Systems, a nationally recognized leader and innovator in good food practices to enhance the district’s school lunch program and deliver healthy, local and more sustainable food options to students.

Sustainable Food Systems worked with the Obama Administration in the development of the USDA’s Chefs Move to Schools initiative. Founder John Turenne was also the behind-the-scenes chef consultant on Jamie Oliver’s award-winning ABC Television show Food Revolution as part of a team of school food innovators and experts. Turenne was excited to be able to bring a healthy school lunch program back to his home state of Connecticut.

This partnership has been a long time coming. Tara Cook-Littman, Chair of Fuel For Learning Partnership shared that “parent advocates are grateful to Fairfield School Food Services for hiring John Turenne, whose experience and knowledge about how to improve school food is unparalleled. Fuel For Learning Partnership, the PTA council committee working to bring more healthful options to our children's lunch, believes having Sustainable Food Systems working with our district is an amazing opportunity and we expect to see very positive changes which will benefit all our children."

We are very pleased to work with John Turenne. His expertise will help us meet and exceed the new federal guidelines for healthy school lunches by serving high quality nutritious and tasty meals to our 10000 students every day

School officials were also happy and had high praise for Turenne.

“We are very pleased to work with John Turenne. His expertise will help us meet and exceed the new federal guidelines for healthy school lunches by serving high quality, nutritious and tasty meals to our 10,000 students every day,” said Dr. David G. Title, Superintendent of Schools.

Joann Fitzpatrick, Manager of Food and Nutrition services stated, “The Fairfield Public Schools Food and Nutrition Department is pleased to have John Turenne working with the staff to share his culinary skills to enhance our school meals. Students have been excited to see Chef John visit their schools.”

Sustainable Food Systems' Fairfield Public Schools lunch initiative consists of 16 district schools: 2 high schools, 3 middle schools and 11 elementary schools. Turenne and Sustainable Food Systems has been working with two more pilot schools, Roger Ludlowe Middle School and McKinley Elementary School, and is beginning to roll out the program after holding a training session with school cooks and managers.

Turenne's culinary boot camps were a huge success with the staff, and the feedback from the kids has been overwhelmingly positive with comments like, "Chef John, you’re the best cooker."

Turenne, a leading innovator in sustainable food practices, believes Fairfield Public Schools "can lead the way and be an example for how to go about providing delicious and nutritious meals to our children.” To learn more about Turenne and Sustainable Food Systems, visit their website http://sustainablefoodsystems.com.

School photographs courtesy of Sarah Lehberger, Afterglow Photos.

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