Tune in on JANUARY 30, 2013 at 8:30 PM to hear Propel Your Dreams’ Caryn A. Chow talk movies, talent, and finding one’s way with budding actor Andy J. Salgado of “Mister White”

Online PR News – 09-January-2013 – New York, NY – Propel Your Dreams! LLC is a new and exciting creativity coaching company for up-and-coming entrepreneurs, performers in the making, and artists of any kind who are looking for some direction or fresh ideas and motivation. The founder of PYD, Caryn A. Chow, is a speaker and creativity coach who is ready to combine her passion for creativity with her passion for working with people who want to improve their lives! Most recently, she has accomplished this goal by starting the Propel Your Dreams! Airplay Network™ on The show is a platform for celebrities, artists, and budding entrepreneurs to discuss the challenges and victories they encountered along the way to success. By sharing their experiences and growth with others, these powerful guests continue to grow as well.

The brand-new radio show will host its first guest, Andy J. Salgado, on January 30, 2013 at 8:30 PM at Salgado is a talented, successful actor who snagged the lead role, Tyler Rooney, in the upcoming gothic thriller film, Mister White. The film, which is set for a Summer 2013 release, is directed and written by Erica “Keeka” Summers. It follows Rooney (Salgado), who is the target of a motley group of college students’ juvenile pranks, and his journey as he calls upon the titular Mister White to exact a bloody revenge. Salgado is a brilliant actor on his way to becoming a major star. Listen in to find out how he broke into acting, what obstacles he’s faced along the way, and how he found both personal and professional success—how he learned to propel his dreams. The show will prompt all listeners to think about how they can propel their dreams, too! The first of many gifted guests to appear on the radio show, Salgado entertains, banters, and converses with Caryn A. Chow to launch the Propel Your Dreams! Airplay Network™.

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