An Author And Screenwriter Talks About Living With Parkinson's

Dennis Evano continues to ply the craft he loves in spite of his constant battle with Parkinson’s, a debilitating neurological disease.

Online PR News – 09-January-2013 – Los Angeles, CA – Dennis Evano is a published author, novelist and screenwriter, who has also written articles for internet media outlets. He has been referred to as a gifted writer by some entertainment professionals. His novel Spirit Messenger, a Southwest contemporary sci-fi mystery, has been compared to the late Tony Hillerman’s work in a book review by an Albuquerque Journal staff writer. However, it did not make the New York Times best seller list, nor have any of the five screenplays he has written been produced so far.
What is noteworthy though, and sets him apart from most writers, is his sheer persistence in continuing to ply the craft he loves, in spite of his constant battle with Parkinson’s, a debilitating neurological disease. Because he is left handed, and his left hand and arm are most effected by tremors, Dennis often types only with his right hand which he says is a slow, tedious process. But he says he has learned to compensate and adapt to his condition.
Like most Parkinson’s patients, he says he has on and off days, meaning his medications work better on some days than others. It is also a progressive disease, so Dennis says, “I worry about how long I will be able to write. But my mind is clear and my imagination is as productive as ever.” He remains optimistic, though many Parkinson’s patients suffer from depression and other complications related to the disease.
He says, “now is the time. If not now, it's never going to happen for me. I saw my father leave this world with dreams unfulfilled, I don't want that to be my legacy as well. He believed in me, and I believe in myself. I want to continue moving forward as long as possible. I am blessed with a gift that can entertain, influence and even change peoples' lives for the better in profound ways. I don’t want to waste it.”
What concerns Dennis most, he says, is his narrow window of opportunity. “I have tried very hard for so long to get my material in front of industry executives and I get frustrated. I sometime feel like I am running up against a brick wall and out of time. But I keep hoping someone will open up and listen to what I have to offer. I just want my chance. Hollywood is a town full of immensely talented people and it’s hard to catch a break. It‘s a Catch 22, you need an agent to get your work in front of producers and studio executives, but you can‘t get an agent to represent you unless you have had one of your scripts produced.”
Dennis is referring to his slate of screenplays in various genres, that includes a film adaptation of Spirit Messenger he has been working on diligently to get produced for several years. He has managed to get it noticed by actors Graham Greene, (Dances with Wolves), who he says read the script over two years ago, and Branscombe Richmond, (Scorpion King), who has already attached himself to this film project. This is no small feat for a screenwriter without representation. As Bruce Marchiano, actor and evangelist, has said of Dennis, “He is obviously gifted and very driven, and that’s what it takes to get a movie made.”
A friend and Tony Award winning playwright William Luce, best known for Barrymore, has said of him, “Dennis Evano is not just a writer, but a gifted, imaginative storyteller. In his book Spirit Messenger he has painted word pictures you will not forget."
Dennis urges support for the Michael J. Fox Foundation, a non-profit organization leading Parkinson’s research for advancements in the treatment of the disease and ultimately to find a cure.