Parenting Book No One Wanted to Read Earns Prestigious Award

Her book’s title Secrets of Parenting with Love and Logic: How to Help Your Child Play a Musical Instrument with Enthusiasm had a rocky start initially.

Online PR News – 11-January-2013 – Richmond, BC – Tatiana Bandurina is a music theory teacher, inventor, writer and from a very early age, a lover of all things music.

"My family always encouraged my musical tastes. It is how I became a professional musician and why I wrote this parenting book about music education for parents," Bandurina said.

Her book’s title Secrets of parenting with love and logic: How to Help Your Child Play a Musical Instrument with Enthusiasm had a rocky start initially.

"When I first published the book, it was not well received." While it did garner the Mom’s Choice Award, it was not until she changed the title of the book that it began moving.

When I first published the book it was not well received.

"Changing the title was the best thing I could do. For four years the book did not sell well, and now that I have changed the title, several people have found the book interesting to read and helpful in starting a child in a path in music," Bandurina continued.

As a 35 year veteran musician, Bandurina has first-hand knowledge of the importance of music and musical education for children. Her book helps parents, some of whom have no musical background, with their children’s musical interests.

So, during the Christmas season in 2012, the e-book appeared on and has since garnered many reviews, all positive.

"To see my book doing so well on means that more people are seeing the importance of music and musical education in the lives of children. It is a goal that anyone who wants to learn more about music should have this book,” Bandurina said.

Currently retailing for $7.99 on Amazon, the 292 page e-book reads more like a work of non-fiction than an instructional guide.

"I tried to make the book easy to read. It is very long, so I had to keep the book interesting," Bandurina said. Many customer reviews show that this book becomes useful for anybody that is trying to make a decision about the music education for children.

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About Tatiana Bandurina

Music theory teacher, inventor, writer, author several books about music education for parents, director of Quintecco Educational Products Inc.

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