Boston Insulation Contractor Dispels Myths On Why Homes Get Cold and Drafty in Winter

The experts at Dolphin Insulation talk about misconceptions many homeowners have about cold homes and provide advice

Online PR News – 08-January-2013 – Boston, MA: – Dolphin Insulation, a Boston Insulation Contractor has been servicing homeowners in eastern Massachusetts for many years; making homes much more comfortable in all seasons. However, many consumers still have misconceptions about why their home is cold and drafty in the winter and what it takes to resolve those issues;

The experts at Dolphin Insulation outside of Boston have these items for homeowners to consider:

Windows should not be the first thing: Many consumers install new windows when they realize their home is cold only to find out they still have an issue with drafts. Warm air rises so taking care of the attic and walls first should be a priority. While windows are part of making a whole home comfortable, working from the top down is the rule of thumb.

Green insulation is very effective: Insulation products such as cellulose are as or more effective than other products. Cellulose is manufactured from recycled newspapers and is blown into a home tight between the studs of a home; keeping drafts out as well.

Cellulose is fire retardant: While cellulose is made from recycled newspaper, it is fire retardant. The product is treated carefully to insure it is safe for all homes.

There are better products than fiberglass: Fiberglass insulation does not always protect a home against drafts. In fact, air does get through fiberglass insulation in many cases. When packed properly, products such as cellulose are very effective in stopping drafts in a cold home as well as increasing the R-Value.

“Many consumers spend thousands of dollars trying to make their home more comfortable and still find that they have drafts and or cold rooms in parts of their home,” states Chris Alphen, owner of Dolphin Insulation. “To properly protect a home from the elements, a homeowner should start at the top of the home and work their way down.”

More valuable information for homeowners can be found in this educational video:

About Dolphin Insulation:

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