Lady Doctor in Kolkata Look after Women Health

A lady doctor in Kolkata is a specialist who takes care of women's reproductive health from adolescence through old age. They can offer most modern treatment procedures and therapies to cure their patients.

Online PR News – 11-January-2013 – Kolkata – Most women feel more comfortable while visiting and consulting a lady doctor in Kolkata to get treatment for their gynecological disorders. These trained lady doctors can care for a woman's health from adolescence through the course of the patient's lifetime. While some women choose to have their gynecological health tended to by their general practitioner, others prefer a specialist who have a depth of knowledge about female health needs. There are lady doctors in the city
that takes care of female reproductive wellness as well as delivering babies. These doctors are quite a help for patients in their childbearing years that plan to procreate.

Beginning at age eighteen, females must begin to have annual examinations by their lady doctors who are a qualified GN specialist, sooner if they are sexually active. Every year, the doctors ask the women patients to go through an annual examination that entails a pelvic exam and a PAP test.
When a patient is going for a pelvic examination, the gynecologist would examine the physical body parts, including ovaries, uterus and vagina. The samples of the Pap test are sent to the laboratory where they are closely examined and evaluated by the pathologists. Based on these findings, a lady doctor in Kolkata will decide the further course of treatment.
These doctors also recommend their women patients to maintain a calendar of monthly cycles and a list of questions that they wish to ask during the appointment. Many times patients forget to ask about their doubts, so carrying a prepared list of queries while visiting your lady doctor in Kolkata is always a good idea. Even for a female patient who, otherwise, goes to a gynecologist for regular checkups, may happen to come across unusual symptoms. Some of these problems may commonly include excessive bleeding between the periods, missed menstrual cycles or bleeding after a sexual intercourse and so on. These are the indications to denote when one needs to fix an immediate appointment with one’s doctor. These doctors make use of most modern medicines and drug therapies so that they can provide relief to the symptoms of the patients at the earliest.

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