Applying for the Position of World's Best Ticketing Company

The latest start-up Ticketfriend have deployed their website! As a start-up it was decided that the website needed to show it's credentials a C.V and nice letter were created to introduce the soon to be best ticketing company in the world! A bold but brave move!

Online PR News – 08-January-2013 – Dublin, Republic of Ireland – Introducing Ticketfriend: who have some exciting solutions that will change the face of the event’s industry forever.

This application is for the position of Ticketing Provider for all types of Events. Ticketfriend want people to enjoy Selling Tickets and Promoting Events! The services are free when the events are free, and are at a minimal cost for paid events. Included in this cover letter is Ticketfriend's CV. The official launch is March 2013; for the moment this is just a short introduction.

As the new kid on the block; Ticketfriend's story needs to be told, so using the finest pixels this lovely letter was created. Ticketfriend want to push the envelope of Event Management and Promotion for the better. They are developing something that will be used for generations to come.

With Ticketfriend, Events are social, engaging, interactive and shared. Partnering with Microsoft, everything has been built in the cloud, which means ticket sales are scalable. Ticketfriend anticipate website crashes when the demand increases, this is solved by scaling the platform in unison with sales to sell more without interruption.

Other more advanced functionalities such as NFC ticket technology, social sharing, box office solutions, event referrals and multi ticket purchases are part of the next phase. Ticketfriend want to cater to the artists, the venues, the promoters and customers. They aim to create harmony and enable a better Event life. The promoter app has been initially developed for Android and will enable anybody to check in attendees at an event for zero cost. The website has an extremely responsive design by utilising Twitter bootstrap, which means it will expand and contract to fit any screen size. nice!

As a Software company, its only natural for Ticketfriend to be located at Grand Canal Docks, dubbed Silicon Docks in Dublin, Ireland. They share the footpath with neighbours like Google, Facebook, Wonga, Linkedin, SumUp and of course the fantastic Coder Dojo! The team is a mixed bag of Developers, Promoters and Digital Marketers, all of which have a variety of experiences designed to complement each other and drive forward the solutions being built.

Ticketfriend want to be the best Ticketing and Events Company ever and would like people to help them get there. Simply by telling Ticketfriend what you need to make life as a promoter easier; Ticketfriend can build this future and make a big difference to Events forever!

About: Ticketfriend are an ambitious start-up, with a goal of improving the Events World. A driven team with a goal to solve industry problems and release fantastic solutions in their place. Ticketfriend are new; have powerful technology, are flush with ideas and enthusiasm. Officially launching in March, although early adopters are welcome to join today! Remember: Ticketfriend are not your master, we are your friend!

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