NewHopeFertility appreciates Egg donors in New York

It seems like egg and sperm donation awareness is spreading like a wildfire around the Globe. The recent new being NewHopeFertility appreciating egg donation in New York.

Online PR News – 18-April-2010 – – NY, 4-17-2010 --- There are countless numbers of initiatives out there to create awareness on the importance of sperm and egg donation. Egg donation is obviously becoming a huge part of the IVF treatments. “You will be well aware of the fact that sperm and egg play an important role in IVF treatments and that is the reason why we are trying to create great awareness on donation among the public. We want the public understand the true fact that sperm and egg donation can really help the mankind and life on earth” says Mr. John Zhang of NewHopeFertility.

The advertisements of sperm donation awareness featured by a fertility clinic in Australia states that “Donation to us won't save a life; hopefully it will create one” and “You've got millions to spare, we only need one”. The importance of sperm donation is evident from these advertisements. Mr. John has to say “Mini IVF treatments are entirely dependent on sperm as well as egg and right now there is a shortage of fertile eggs to meet the rising demand of the treatments. The situation can be overcome if potential donors out there understand that they are helping out infertile fellow beings in this planet to bring a life to this planet and joy to a family. Potential donors can donate sperm or eggs and walk into their daily life as usual and they don’t have nothing to loose.”

Speaking on the move, Mr. John said, “There are many misconceptions among people about the IVF treatments. People out there still believe that the babies born through the IVF treatments are test tube babies. The entire concept of IVF treatment is very different, the infertile parent is made fertile and a natural birth occurs after that. As said, many people are still unaware of that yet.”

He concluded that, “IVF treatments are never easy though. This treatment requires careful planning and proper care of the subject. However, our Mini IVF treatments at fertility clinic in NYC make the process very simple with very little oral medicine intakes. Let’s create awareness among people and drive infertility out of his planet.”

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NewHopeFertility is a fertility clinic in NYC which is well known for the Mini IVF treatments. The Mini IVF treatment which is not available else where is the simplest IVF treatment option. This is a team of well experienced Fertility doctors

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