Smile Plus Dentistry – Helping Patients with Cosmetic Teeth Bonding in Fremont, CA

Smile Plus Dentistry, a reputed dental office in Fremont, CA, helps patients with their exemplary teeth bonding service. Riding on skills learned through experience and extensive training, they restore the smile.

Online PR News – 08-January-2013 – Fremont, CA – Fremont, CA, 08 January 2013: People seeking bonding of space between their teeth in Fremont, CA, may visit the dental office of Smile Plus Dentistry. Headed by Dr. Hema Patel, a cosmetic dentist of repute, they offer teeth bonding service, helping clients close spaces between teeth, whiten stained teeth and lengthen small or misshapen teeth.

Talking about it, Dr. Hema Patel stated, “Bonding is a method used to restore or improve a person’s smile. Along with cosmetic purposes, it is also used for repairing decayed or cracked teeth and protects a portion of the tooth’s root which has been exposed. Once in place, bonded restorations are quite strong.”

The dentist first removes the decayed or weakened tooth structure. A conditioning gel is used to increase the tiny gaps within the tooth enamel to allow the composite resin to bond to the tooth. The material is contoured to resemble tooth anatomy. The dentist would use marking paper to find where the filing is touching other teeth and if required, adjust the patients’ bit back to normal.

Dental fillings are composite (white) and amalgam (silver). Composite fillings are preferred by most patients due to lack of sensitivity, better strength and great aesthetics. As Dr. Patel said, “It comes in varied shades so it could be matched to the tooth color to get the perfect restoration. When done correctly, white fillings are almost undetectable to the untrained eye.”

Major disadvantage of silver filling is that it doesn’t stick to the tooth. However, certain teeth demand this type of filling. Smile Plus dentists examine the teeth and recommend the best solution. When needing services of a dentist Fremont California, residents rely on Smile Plus Dentistry, thanks to their record of offering satisfactory teeth bonding and other cosmetic dentistry services.

About Smile Plus Dentistry

Smile Plus Dentistry, a reputed Fremont California dentist office, deals in cosmetic, preventative as well as restorative dentistry. Director Dr. Hema Patel has earned Advanced Education in General and Restorative dentistry and Doctors degree in Dental Surgery with New York University. She is a member of American Dental Association and California Dental Association.

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