Chester the Clown -Entertaining People In Every Way Possible

Chester the clown wants only to make people happy with its several entertainment tricks and ploys. Chester is ready to be in all your parties - birthdays, corporate events, school events and just every where you want to feel the burst of laughter.

Online PR News – 08-January-2013 – Ontario – The hectic daily schedule of life is stealing away our smile. But Chester the Clown is not going to let it happen with his full entertainment package. Clowns for birthday parties, school, corporate shows make people happy. Chester promises that he would not ask for a single penny if there is a single moment in which people of any age do burst in laughter.

The very first question that comes in our mind is why and from when Chester (Mr. Bichard) thought to be a professional clown? To this question his answer came usually with a big smile - he was only 18 when he first entertained audience and then onwards for last 22 years he is a professional clown. He first could not understand why only playing some music in parties and claps at the time of blow on candles used to limit the entertainment! He thought why not have clowns for birthday parties or clowns corporate shows make the moments more entertaining? He took the initiative and announced clown for hire. People happily accepted Chester.

Well, does it mean that Mr. Bichard left his love for the music aside? To this question he said - not at all; rather he added his guitar and voice to play silly music and songs. This makes the moment far more enjoying to people of all ages. He added that he feels very happy when clowns for school events make a lots of children happy! Mr. Bichard did add about his magic shows at birthdays and other events.

He is simply asked about the colors on his face and the balloon arts. Chester the Clown then replied that he feels more than happy to paint the naughty and beautiful faces of children or anybody who loves to feel the colors of life in this way. He applies his skills in kids face painting at the same time he provides balloon twisting instructions and making sculptures with balloons. In every possible way the smile should go miles.

Upon a tricky question - is Chester acceptable at the corporate events, the answer came as ´of course´. But the fun never bursts from the beginning but slowly ignites in the hearts of people present. The party entertainment clowns know how to match themselves in such corporate culture.

It was asked whether things are limited to this much! Again came a big no! It is because Chester arranges mini carnivals for younger children and that includes quite a good few rides - roller coaster, ride- train and bouncers for total fun. Even the bouncers in 12´X12´ can be separately rented for any event.

So it is clear that Chester the clown has all the arrangements to make people happy or in enhancing the happiness in any event - let it be with silly songs, magic shows or the jests and jokes flooding from the mouth of Chester the clown. This Christmas we must be waiting for Santa Claus to visit our house! Mr. Bichard has a big smile and replies why not just keep the socks stuffed with wishes.