Southern New Mexico Developed by Scott C Defoy

Scott C Defoy was a leader in land development in Southern New Mexico.

Online PR News – 08-January-2013 – Albuquerque – Southern New Mexico is comprised of vibrant communities with growing populations. As the area attracts more residents and new businesses, the demand for homes, retail and commercial space, and community spaces increases. Scott C Defoy, noted real estate broker and land developer, worked to make sure that the area keeps up with this demand.

With over ten years of experience in real estate, Scott C Defoy understood what people in Southern New Mexico needed. He has worked with a huge number of clients to find them the right space for their home, investment property, or business. Scott C Defoy’s clients ranged from families looking for a vacation home to horse farm owners looking to buy or sell a farm. He has managed state and federal land swaps, and has brokered big real estate deals with hotels and casinos.  In his two terms on the county tax review board, Scott has gotten to know all players in the real estate arena in New Mexico. However, Scott doesn’t only buy and sell properties. He recently moved from working in Southern New Mexico to Northern New Mexico.

In response to the growing needs of his area, Scott C Defoy works as a land developer. He takes underutilized or poorly maintained areas and improves their financial value and the value that they bring to the community. Scott C Defoy recently completed development of five subdivisions, to create family-friendly neighborhoods in New Mexico. The development included planning, designing, and building the multimillion dollar subdivisions.  He also oversaw the construction of several “spec homes” to attract residents to the subdivisions. Now, land that was previously undeveloped is used for residences, parks, and shared spaces for area residents.

One of Scott C Defoy’s best-known developments is a mobile home park. He took the lead on improving the park, and added over two million dollars to its value. Scott oversaw a large crew on this project, but he stayed involved every step of the way. Now, a park that had previously been underused is full of happy mobile home residents, who have access to improved infrastructure and a more pleasant environment. Land development is an excellent business opportunity for Scott, but it is also very personally rewarding when he sees people enjoying an area he built. For any questions about land development, New Mexico real estate, or Scott C Defoy’s qualifications, please reach out to Scott at the phone number below.


Scott C Defoy is a successful real estate agent working in New Mexico.

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