LAYERCAKE BUILDER, a unique WYSIWYG tool to create advanced interfaces without coding

Layercake builder is an interactive application which can be used to create interactive visual applications which can interact with various devices in the cloud. Layercake builder is a robust application development framework made for designers to build visual applications

Online PR News – 08-January-2013 – london – Touch interfaces are going mainstream: not just tablets and Smartphones but also large interactive walls popping up in malls, hotels, showrooms. Interfaces get connected to the real world through sensors.

But what about the process of creation of advanced interfaces with degrees of connection with the external world? No matter what technology you choose, you need to code or pay someone to do it.

With LAYERCAKE builder you can create interactive visual applications with social sharing functions and use open protocols to talk to devices and the cloud. You can do it without coding a line of software, with freedom from rigid templates, flexibility, getting professional results.

In LAYERCAKE builder you have a number of 2D layers linked between them: spread over the layers you have interactive objects, each one with properties and actions attached. Think about having a camera: your screen size is what the camera sees, then you can move it around the layer, exploring, zooming and rotating to discover the objects.

LAYERCAKE builder is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) authoring tool that doesn’t require coding or scripting. You can see the results of what you are creating in real time. It’s an authoring tool running on Windows 7 and 8 PCs: you build your projects with standard media assets like images (JPG, png with alpha layer, png sequences, tiff, ...), videos (mp4, avi, wmv, ...), 3D objects then export them as standalone applications for Windows 7 and 8 PCs or as apps for mobile devices you can run through the Layercake players for Windows RT, iOS, Android.

We conceived it for creative professionals with no coding skills: graphic designers, interaction designers, architects, artists, DIY guys. You can use it to create the final product or as a rapid prototyping tool.

LAYERCAKE Builder is a product by IF, the Imagination Factory (, a team of interaction designers and software engineers based in London with more than 100 years of cumulated experience in the field of Human Computer Interaction.

LAYERCAKE Builder is now on Kickstarter: the product will be available through the website at the end of the Kickstarter campaign at 119 £ per authoring tool license together with a range of support, training and professional services. For the purpose of the launch campaign, kickstarters will be able to reserve their license at the special price of 19 £.

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