We are pleased to announce the launch of the new website www.wp-solution.com. The January 2013 launch is scheduled with resources and functionality designed exclusively for the users who want to build up WordPress Website or Blog.

Online PR News – 07-January-2013 – Dhaka – The new website offers a contemporary look and streamlined user experience. The website is a true resource for the beginners and owners of the WordPress, offers valuable information including installation guides, troubleshooting and maintenance tips with several sections.

We have Beginners Guide, Tutorials, Event, News, Opinion, Themes, and WordPress plugins. Here, a new blogger will learn how to create a new blog, how to organize, what to do to get more traffic, how to add plugins, why to add social media network, how to create SEO friendly blogs, etc.

All the important News and Events, WordPress releases, major announcements, etc. will publish to keep the users updated. The step by step installation guides for all WordPress plugins will store in WordPress Plugins. In Theme, the WordPress theme tutorials will extend the beginners power to make unique and thematic WordPress.

The Deals and exciting Offers will be found in the section OFFER and the free WordPress themes, plugins, other goodies in FREEBIES. The Video tutorials will incorporate in VIDEO segment.

Our WordPress Experts are committed to solving problems & creating better web experiences, so the beginner can focus on doing what do best. There is a contact page for general questions regarding the site, reporting technical problems, any suggestion, feedback, and inquiries related to advertising. We value all of our readers.

To see the new website, please visit http://wp-solution.com