Financial Lessons For Life: New blog launched

Ex-con men releases blog to help everyone understand how to spot a fraud and ensure that your hard earned money is invested in secure places. It doesn't mean that because someone is wearing a tie and a jacket he is legitimate and knows what he is doing.

Online PR News – 08-January-2013 – Boston, MA – John Bossi, the notorious white collar criminal turned informant, who served time for his shady financial dealings in the past, has just released a blog advising the average citizen on how to spot a bad deal and how to invest your money with peace of mind.

In a comment the author of this blog stated "in the past I used the shadiest of financial tactics and did 5 years in a maximum security prison with the worst criminals, I now feel I have paid my debt with society, however I want to teach people on how to invest, how to spot a shady deal and how to make sure that your hard earned money is not blown away on some deal that looks to good to be true." he continued by stating that "I believe that in life only you can take care of your financial situation, yes you have to get financial and investment advice from experts, but ultimately only you have to decide on what suits your personal situation and what does not."

The blog uses simple terms and makes references to real life examples to explain how people can increase their financial knowledge without the need to understand complicated financial terminology.

The blog can be found on