The People Of Glasgow Can Now Fight Alcoholism With The Rehab Guide

This press release will show you how alcohol is perceived as almost a part of daily life in Glasgow, but illustrate how the Rehab Guide is helping people to combat this addiction. This is through services like counselling, detox, home detox and rehabilitation centres.

Online PR News – 08-January-2013 – Glasgow – Rehab Guide has successfully helped hundreds of people in the U.K. and around the world recover from drug and alcohol addiction. Their free services include a 24 hour confidential phone line staffed by counsellors who specialize in helping addicts unsure of how to start their recovery.

They will walk patients through obtaining a medical detox and finding the right rehabilitation clinic to beat their addiction for good. The Rehab Guide also has an online assessment tool that can help identity the risks of alcoholism. The website is full of information on the signs, symptoms and, of course, the treatment for alcoholism.

It is said alcohol is a part of the heart of Scottish culture. It is often present at celebrations and family gatherings. While moderate drinking is low-risk, heavy drinking can lead to dire health consequences. According to the National Health Services, Glasgow had the highest number of alcohol-related hospital visits in 2008. This is a shame for the biggest city in Scotland and one of the largest in Europe.

Once alcohol addiction has set in though, the addict can't just "put the bottle down". Alcoholics can suffer severe withdrawal symptoms if they suddenly stop drinking. This is why many addicts find it so difficult to quit. They often drink to prevent those symptoms from flaring up. These include restlessness, irritability and intense shaking. They can all be signs of alcohol withdrawal.

Detox treatment is the first step to living a life free of alcohol. Rehab Guide offers a home detox. This entails abstinence, along with sending out a doctor or a nurse to examine you. They will determine if you are physically up to going through detox. The doctor or nurse will also administer treatment. Many patients like home detox because they find it a more private and comfortable method of detox.

While a home detox is an important first step, a residential alcohol rehab program is considered essential for staying sober. Residential rehab clinics provide 24-hour mental and physical care to patients as they learn how to live without drinking. Without the distractions of daily life, sufferers can learn from the counselling staff, along with each other, how to control their addiction rather than let it control them. They can return home ready to face life's challenges.

If you live in the city of Glasgow, in the West of Scotland, and would like to give up drinking for good, then contact Rehab Guide. It has diverse alcohol rehabilitation treatments, from staying at rehab centres to undergoing home detox, to set you on the road to recovery. For more information, visit the Rehab Guide web site.