Vorexa Announces Recipient Behavior Technology

Vorexa's enterprise email marketing platform can now automatically deliver emails based on the dates and times that each individual recipient tends to open their emails, making your message appear at the top of every inbox!

Online PR News – 07-January-2013 – Manasquan, NJ – Vorexa's MindReader email marketing solution is designed for companies who send more than 1 million messages per month. In addition to exciting tracking technology, Vorexa's platform now offers a feature not available anywhere else in the marketplace: behavior-based delivery technology.

Over a series of emails, Vorexa keeps track of when your email is opened by each individual recipient on your list. Once a pattern has been established, you can choose to have your campaign automatically deliver to each person at a different time, based on when they're known to open messages. This ensures that your message will appear at the top of each customer's inbox.

This technology drives more interaction with your messages, from longer "open" times to recipients clicking on more links, navigating to your website, and making purchases.

Glenn Crystal, Vorexa's CTO offers the following example: "What if Bill is a customer on your email list, and he has a meeting every Tuesday at 9 AM. He gets back to his desk at 10:05, and that’s when he usually opens your emails. Vorexa tracks this pattern and gives you the option to automatically deliver your email to each recipient at the best time. In Bill’s case, that’s 10:00 AM on Tuesday – you’ll be at the top of his Unread list. Can your email provider do that?"

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