2012: A Year of Key Innovations and Great Achievements from Groupdocs

2012 was a year of innovations and new awesome developments for Groupdocs

Online PR News – 08-January-2013 – Lane Cove – 2012 was a year of innovations and new awesome developments for Groupdocs, we have announced new plugins, new integrations with renowned platforms, introduced several API SDKs to help you integrate our platform with your exhilarating applications.

We continued to release viewer integrations, annotation integrations, assembly integrations, API SDKs etc in 2012. We are currently working on new innovative developments such as Groupdocs Signature V2.1, Groupdocs Annotation V2.0 and Groupdocs viewer plugin integration in 2013.

With GroupDocs document management solution, you can access to the below cutting-edge-features as well

--GroupDocs Viewer
--GroupDocs Signature
--GroupDocs Comparison
--GroupDocs Assembly
--GroupDocs Annotation
--GroupDocs Comparison

Newly added articles and documentation pages

Annotate or Collaborate on Documents Easily Using the New Enhanced GroupDocs

Announcing box.com Integration with GroupDocs’ Document Management Apps Suite

Announcing GroupDocs Online Document Viewer Package for Umbraco

Overview: GroupDocs Online document management application

GroupDocs is a web-based service for online document sharing, collaboration and management. You can easily and securely upload, convert, view, sign and compare any document format (PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, PPT, PPTX and many more) with your colleagues and business partners in the real-time without the need to install any software. All the typical file management operations like managing Folders, Copy, Move and Delete are supported. Also you can electronically sign documents by adding your signature and encrypting the document contents. The built-in drag & drop interface allows you to organize your files quickly where you can further create multi-page questionnaires for an easy document assembly.

Read more about GroupDocs web application

- GroupDocs Online Document Management Homepage: http://groupdocs.com/
- Experience GroupDocs Online Document Management in the real-time: http://groupdocs.com/apps
- GroupDocs Online Document Management Marketplace: http://groupdocs.com/marketplace
- GroupDocs Online Document Management APIs: http://groupdocs.com/api-sdk
- GroupDocs Online Documentation : http://groupdocs.com/docs/dashboard.action

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